Fortnite Patch Notes V12.20 New Choppa Helicopter

Fortnite Patch Notes V12.20 New Choppa Helicopter

The Fortnite Patch Notes for the Fortnite Update v12.20 are here. Today’s update includes the introduction of this vehicle’s Choppa’ Helicopter.

Epic Games has now launched the update which has provided a lot of skills and escapes. Before the servers the shop of the Apple software updated the definition of Fortnite. The summary said helicopters will be included along with The Spy Games in today’s Fortnite update.

Epic no launch patch information on their pages which are Fortnite. But for the latest Fortnite patch v12.20, which you can find below, we’ve made our very own restriction notes.

Fortnite V12.20 Update Patch Notes






The voiture is the Choppa. Chapter 2 Has the motor boats that are nothing compared to the chapter 1 vehicle size.

The Choppa is able to accommodate up to five players, one driver and four passengers at a time. The helicopter may not have a firing arm but there is a boost for the choppa to help you get to your destination even faster.

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The Choppa has 1,500 HP which is good but it’s a slow vehicle and players can’t just get off the helicopter because if the helicopter is about to crash, you’ll need to land. There are also speakers you can enable and disable that will play some music as you take to the sky.

Here’s a look at the official Fortnite trailer for the choppa:

Fortnite ‘Choppa’ Helicopter Trailer – New Flying Vehicle


Epic Games have finally added presets for the Fortnite locker, a feature the community has been asking for for for some time. Rather than having to change every object you wish to wear in the locker individually, you can now build presets.

It means that in the locker that contains five spaces, you can set up your favorite Fortnite combination. The five slots are the skin of Fortnite, the back bling, pickax, glider and tie. The present / loadout can then be saved.

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You can make a number of different presents and select them when you want to change up your look. You’ll be able to

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