For The King II – the continuation of the beloved roguelike, with new adventures and enemies of the king

For The King II - the continuation of the beloved roguelike, with new adventures and enemies of the king

We are waiting for an even more grotesque world and improved co-op for four heroes.

Unfortunately, the famous king died a long time ago, and his old guard is toiling from boredom, not knowing where to apply their fighting talents. Fortunately, the despotic Queen Farula has brought the country to such a desperate situation that almost all the inhabitants of the kingdom have turned into rebels! We have to take control of such a detachment of criminals and put an end to the reign of the insane mistress.

The title turn-based gameplay in For The King II will be even more saturated with battles, because on almost every square we will be guarded by troubles, ranging from ordinary bandits to fanatical royal guards. More difficult opponents will be various magicians and black sorcerers who use not firearms or melee weapons, but various curses and spells.

If in the original we mainly played in the summer and winter biomes, then the new game will please with a great variety: jungles, mountains, deserts. The game world, or rather the mad kingdom, will constantly change, and each new task will be generated according to a random algorithm. Quests, events, trophies and opponents are formed according to the same scheme, which in theory guarantees a new adventure with each passage.

Big changes in For The King II are coming to the character system – you can assemble a squad from a variety of heroes, with unique combat characteristics and mechanics (even if they have standard attributes: medic, tank, shooter, scout, etc.). Each such character can carry two types of weapons, a vial of healing potion and a purse of gold. Improving performance is achieved through experience points and weapons taken from enemies. Co-op

modewill receive an additional slot, and now four players will be able to fight against the queen online or in local mode. Heroes must always stay close, otherwise during the battle you risk being left alone. It is extremely important to heal comrades and fairly share the loot, without which the passage will “merge” very quickly. It will be even more difficult in the dungeons, because the most powerful monsters live there.

For The King II will release in Spring 2023, likely in Early Access.


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