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For Honor Free! How Long Is It Valid?

For Honor Free! How Long Is It Valid?

Ubisoft organizes events for free game trials from time to time. We recently saw a similar free trial event for The Crew 2 game . Now For Honor is free .

Since the game will be given for free for a short time, those who read the news should hurry. Because the trial period is not too long.

For Honor Free! But There Is A Time Limit

Players will be able to access the Starter Edition of the game for free. When you enter the production’s Steam page, you will see that the production is free.

The game can be tried for free for 3 more days . There will be no restrictions on the game during this time. Both multiplayer and singleplayer modes can be tried.

Once the free game period is over, players will need to purchase the game to continue.

Here we have good news. Those who want to buy the game will have a 75% discount during this period .

Until August 3, the game can be purchased for 17 TL. It’s an old production now, but For Honor still attracts attention. Considering this, we can say that 17 TL is a good opportunity. It is also good news that you will be able to try the game for 3 days.

I am adding the Steam page here for both the free game and to purchase the game at a discount .

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