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Football Manager 2020 Release Date Announced

Football Manager 2020 Release Date Announced

The release date of Football Manager 2020, developed by SEGA and Sports Interactive , has been shared. Football Manager 2020, which has been expected by players for a long time, will be released on Steam, Android and iOS platforms on November 19th.

Football Manager , which is one of the first series that comes to mind when we say management game , seems to be appreciated by the players with its new game. The fact that the Football Manager series can be played by everyone, especially without the need for high system requirements, is the biggest factor in the popularity of the game.

SEGA and Sports Interactive, which also made some improvements in the game, increased the in-game graphics and managerial abilities. The Turkish price of Football Manager 2020, which was pre-ordered on Steam, was announced as 161 TL .

Unfortunately, it is not known at the moment whether the announced price is special for pre-order . It is said that the game, which will be released on November 19, will attract the attention of players especially on the mobile platform .

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