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Flock is a light marvel with celestial whales, mummies and carefree co-op

Simulator publisher Stray continues to bombard niche hits.

Annapurna is a kind of A24 studio from the world of video games. And the A24 studio is a kind of analogue of Marvel, but for the smart ones. Kind of like Dark Horse Comics in the world of comics. And Dark Horse Comics in the world of comics is the Digital Devolver of the world of cinema.

So, it turns out that Annapurna from the world of cinema is a Digital Devolver from the world of comics? Or is Digital Devolver a Coffee Stain, but from a universe without movies, comics, goats and Vikings? Where did so many of them come from, these worlds, universes and goats?

Not the point. Everyone loves sci-fi, almost loves action games, many are ready to put a bubble of controlled madness into their eyes, offered by creative authors with a claim to art production. And it is Annapurna that offers a new adventure for connoisseurs of special things.

Flock is a game developed by Hollow Ponds and Annapurna. Miracles begin already with the description of the gameplay: players will become shepherds who drive the flycatchers into even herds and graze them in meadows and in the foothills. Or is it Carroll’s music?

Sometimes the grass looks like parallelepipeds, sometimes the reeds are as tall as a tree. Flyy neo-sheep need to be protected and cherished, cut and wool collected. Why do you need wool? To knit socks, scarf or sweater. No battle passes, no currency trading, no user-controlled economy.

All the charm of Flock is revealed only in the trailer: chill vibes of carefree fairies from the Moomin Valley, stylized graphics of book illustrations for fairy tales and carefree whistles of the inhabitants of the meadows. An endless journey with friends around the world without winter and war.

Flock is a light marvel with celestial whales, mummies and carefree co-op

Flock is announced for Xbox and Steam with a release in 2023.


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