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First Look Trailer Released for NBA 2K23

First Look Trailer Released for NBA 2K23

If you like football games, I will pass the FIFA series, if you like basketball games, I will pass the NBA 2K series alone. The best in the field in both series. Every year, we see games for these series. Details for the latest new football game FIFA 23 have been announced. Now, a new trailer has been released for the recently announced NBA 2K23 .

This video, which was published for the game in which Michael Jordan will be on the cover in its special edition, was the first video to include footage from the game.

What Details Are In The NBA 2K23 Trailer?

As always, the point that draws attention in the trailer is how realistic the game is. We said the same thing for NBA 2K22. Now we say the same thing for NBA 2K23.

Again, the character models in the game are very good. It offers a realistic atmosphere. Let’s add as a footnote that women’s basketball teams are also featured in the trailer this time.

Let us remind you that the release date of the game, which we clearly see will offer a better basketball atmosphere , is set as September 9 .

Pre-orders will open very soon. Let’s add that we are waiting for the system requirements to be announced, not for those who play the production on the console, but for those who will get the PC version.

Because if we look at the graphics, 2K23 seems to want a good system. But there is no explanation about it yet.


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