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First Gameplay of DrDisRespect’s Tarkov-Style Competitive Shooter Deaddrop

First Gameplay of DrDisRespect's Tarkov-Style Competitive Shooter Deaddrop

The graphics are still rough, but the idea looks impressive.

Streamer Guy Baym, better known as DrDisRespect, is one of the most scandalous and textured streamers in the gaming category. He is 40 years old, he is in good shape, he has declared a vendetta against Twitch and is regularly criticized by major publishers.

Guy is also a former Sledgehammer employee who retired in 2015. Life forced Baym to return to game development. Since the end of last year, his own studio has been developing the competitive shooter Deadrop , announced on the Unreal Engine 5 .

Despite the popularity of the DrDisRespect image and a successful career as a game designer, Baym’s desire to release his own game was received ambiguously by the community. Especially after the announcement of the NFT collection .

Thematic NFT owners received a Deadrop demo . If the developers declared the game as the first of its kind “vertical tactical shooter”, then ordinary players defined the shooter as a kind of Escape from Tarkov clone .

There are reasons: in the demo, you need to infiltrate a synthetic drug factory, and then make your way to the roof, looting equipment along the way. The first gameplay showed only without opponents, but with a huge number of stairs and platforms. Here is such a verticality.

It is not completely clear what the players found similarities with Tarkov. The video shows problems with graphics, optimization, lighting and gunplay, as well as a complete lack of an interface.


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