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Find out what exactly has changed in the Samsung Foldable to make it durable

Find out what exactly has changed in the Samsung Foldable to make it durable

Back in April, we looked into the Galaxy Fold, and things turned out poorly. We encountered issues with the review model’s screen. It seemed that dirt and debris from the pivot was harming the screen. Different commentators or reviewers stripped off a defensive film that was originally designed to be fixed. It brought about some serious issues for Samsung. After a postponement to the arrival of the $1,980 gadget, Samsung is back at IFA in Berlin this week with a fixed version that is improved and has made upgrades to the pivot instrument. We got an opportunity to see precisely what Samsung has changed in the course of recent months.

Samsung Galaxy Foldable

Improvised Protective Layer

You have to take a long and close look at the refreshed Galaxy Fold to recognize what’s changed. However, there are some key changes in a number of regions. The greatest update is that Samsung has now stretched out the protective film to under the bezels of the gadget so you can never again strip it off. We attempted to strip it off numerous times and struggled. It is because it’s past the bezel and difficult to get your fingernails near. We’ll have to test this completely, however we are certain that Samsung has tended to this specific issue.


The majority of different changes are identified with the hinge. It feels somewhat well built than previously. Moreover, the holes where the hinge meets the display have been cut down. Also, even the hole when the gadget is shut has been contracted somewhat. This would result in less trash drawing near to the pivot or display.

Samsung Galaxy

Protective Caps

Another big change visually is that the plastic protective caps are installed bottom and top to prevent debris from entering the display. It appears when you open the device, but we hope that it will prevent dust from entering the hinge and cause problems. It’s hard to say whether Samsung solved this problem completely, but it’s clear that a lot of work has been done here.

Same Software

Samsung also has a metal layer under the screen to make it feel more stronger, especially when you touch the screen and interact with it. This is less noticeable, but looks more refined overall with hinge changes. Despite these loops and display changes, in April the device is the same internally. It has a Snapdragon 855 processor, 12 GB of RAM and 512 GB of memory.

Our review team was surprised that Samsung has not made much changes in terms of software. Now you can change the Android navigation bar to fit the left, right, or center of the screen. First of all, this is new. We would like to find a more reasonable way to use a 7.3-inch screen or a smaller 4.6-inch screen. Some screens in Samsung’s own Android software have many options, but Google, Samsung and developers need to find the best way to customize Android to work better with newly created dual screens and folds.

Find out what exactly has changed in the Samsung Foldable

Find out what exactly has changed in the Samsung Foldable to make it durable
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