Fighting game MultiVersus has not yet been released, but has already broken the genre record for online on Steam

Not even a beta, but a closed alpha.

MultiVersus is another project where corporate-licensed movie characters – as well as cartoons and other characters from all sorts of copyright objects – beat each other’s faces with relish. The banquet itself is sponsored by Warner , but the players will pay.

Apparently, the wallets of the public are already at the ready: the developers of MultiVersus have barely opened alpha testing, and have already collected 62 thousand simultaneous players. So the game broke the records of Mortal Kombat 11 , Tekken 7 , Street Fighter V and other popular fighting games.

For a long time the community was not enough: online dipped sharply. Mainly due to complaints about various balance issues. For example, the developers had to urgently release a patch for the Tasmanian Devil tornado nerf. The remaining balance is not so interesting – the game has a wide scope for fetishism.

A full beta starts on the evening of July 26, 2022 on Steam.



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