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FIFA 23 Switch Version Details Revealed

FIFA 23 Switch Version Details Revealed

The FIFA 23 Switch version , which will be available on September 30, 2022 simultaneously with other platforms, will be the same as last year’s FIFA 22 Legacy Edition. Details of the statement on the subject are in our news.

FIFA 23 was announced by Electronic Arts and EA Sports with the promotional trailer released yesterday. The game, which will be supported by HyperMotion2, was said to be the most realistic serial game ever, with more than six thousand animations in general.

Barclays FA Women’s Super League and Division 1 Arkema, 2022 Qatar FIFA Men’s World Cup and the Women’s World Cup to be jointly organized by Australia and New Zealand are among the remarkable aspects of the game. New details keep coming for FIFA 23, which is planned to be an impressive closing screen with refreshed set-pieces, Highlights Playable, matchday experience, new ICONs and FUT Heroes and more.

As you know, since 2018, every new FIFA game offered for sale also meets Switch users. However, it comes with limited features compared to the PC, PlayStation and Xbox versions. For example, recently FIFA 22 stepped onto the Nintendo console under the name Legacy Edition. The same will be true for FIFA 23.

FIFA 23 Switch Version to Release with Missing Mods and Features

Judging by the details on the Nintendo eShop page , as well as the statement by Electronic Arts and EA Sports, FIFA 23 Legacy Edition Career Mode, Women’s International Cup, Local Seasons, Online Seasons and Friendlies, Tournaments – UEFA Champions League, Kick-off and Skill In addition to the Games, we will see updated kits, teams and rosters, women’s soccer teams and some new stadiums.

On the FIFA Ultimate Team side, we will face manager tasks, single player matches and online seasons and tournaments, online singles and squad building tasks.

Russian Teams Will Not Be Included in FIFA 23

As you know, Electronic Arts, which made an announcement after the war between Ukraine and Russia, announced that it had removed the Russian national teams and clubs in FIFA and NHL games. The same will be true for FIFA 23.

In the statement made by the American publisher to the Eurogamer site, it was stated that they continue to be in solidarity with the Ukrainian people and call for an environment of peace. In addition, the Russian national team and clubs have been excluded from the FIFA 23 game, as part of the concerted cooperation with partners within FIFA and UEFA.

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