Fault Relaunched Again – Now as a Shareware MOBA

Fault Relaunched Again - Now as a Shareware MOBA

What? Who? Is that the poor Smite?

Fault is a multiplayer game based on Paragon . Everything here is arranged according to the classics: one map, one mode, five heroes in a team and a leisurely gameplay that stretches for tens of minutes.

The game was released two years ago in Steam Early Access, attracted the attention of the community, but deservedly collected hundreds of negative reviews. Players complained about poor optimization, unstable servers, and balance issues.

In July, the developers of the game relaunched as Fault: Elder Orb – still the same fork of Paragon, but already in a shareware format. Got better? Well, the project team carefully kept the main problems, but found a place for loot boxes and in-game currency.

Fault: Elder Orb is available on Steam and EGS .


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