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Far Cry 6 Is Once Again Free! There Is Also A Nice Campaign

Far Cry 6 Is Once Again Free! There Is Also A Nice Campaign

Far Cry, Ubisoft’s most ambitious game series, appeared with the latest Far Cry 6. The game also supported the latest generation AMD technologies and was loved both visually and in terms of gameplay. Now the production is on the agenda again because Far Cry 6 is free .

I would like to say that the game is completely free, but it is not. Ubisoft is making the game free for you to try. So how long will it be free?

Far Cry 6 Free Trial Event

Users who can try the full version of the game for free will be able to access the game as of August 4, 19:00.

The production will remain free of charge until August 8 , 19:00 . It should be noted that there is no platform difference. You will be able to try the game for free, regardless of PC or consoles.

As of today, users will be able to pre-load the game. Thus, when the game is free, you will not spend any additional time downloading the game.

If you like the production that will be offered as part of the free weekend event and you want to buy it, there will be big discounts on the game during this time.

When we look at the video shared by Ubisoft, we see that the production will be discounted by 60% during this period . For those who are wondering, I am including the link of the Far Cry 6 free weekend event here . You can also see the details on the event page.

Links for all platforms are also included on the page. You can also find information on this subject.


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