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Endling: What happens if one of the cubs dies?

Endling: What happens if one of the cubs dies?

Here you can read about what happens if you let your baby die.

When you go to Endling for food, your cubs are exposed to many dangers. On this page of the guide, we explain what happens if one of them dies.

Cubs can die from starvation and predation. If you are attacked by an owl, interact with it and follow the instructions on the screen.

When the hunger bar in the lower left corner of the screen drops to zero, one of your hatchlings will begin to starve, and a round icon will appear above it, showing the time remaining until death. Then you must find any food as soon as possible and feed the cub quickly. It is worth noting that the food does not have to be eaten by the starving hatchling, it is enough for the other hatchlings to eat and the hunger bar will be replenished.

If you let the hatchling die, the walkthrough will not fail, but there are certain consequences when the game is over.

  1. If you managed to save the life of the whole family, you will receive the achievement “We are a family.”
  2. Keeping at least 3 cubs alive is rewarded with another achievement – Three Little Foxes.
  3. If 2 foxes survive until the end of the game, you will unlock the “Two Peas in a Pod” achievement.
  4. If only one hatchling survives to the end, you will unlock the “All for One” achievement.
  5. If not a single bear cub survives to the end, the passage ends in failure.

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