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Elden Ring never stops and becomes a tabletop RPG

Elden Ring never stops and becomes a tabletop RPG

A little bit of Interregnum even in a physical role-playing game? It’s on its way, Bandai Namco and Kadokawa confirmed.

There is good news for lovers  of video game adaptations to physical role-playing games or board games in general. In these hours, in fact,  Bandai Namco and  Kadokawa have officially confirmed (thanks Famitsu ) that they are working to get a tabletop role-playing game dedicated to their  Elden Ring .

The IP, which had extraordinary success with last February’s video game – capable of scoring impressive sales – is so ready to expand further: the two companies plan to publish  the role-playing game book , with all the rules, in the course of  spring 2023 , at least on the Japanese market.

To carry out this adaptation is the  SNE group , which previously had also signed a similar project with a  Dark Souls theme . That of  Elden Ring will also share with the latter the same producer, Hinori Katou – so it is reasonable to expect a work similar to that already seen for the famous soulslike saga.


At the moment, however, we are not given further details on the book: we do not know what its contents, its format or how many pages will make it up. On the other hand, we know that it will attract a lot of fans’ attention: let’s hope enough to deserve a  possible localization for the western market , at least in English. With  Dark Souls a special product was created ( you can find it on Amazon ), but very different from the Japanese counterpart.

We had also recently seen the opening of reservations for the titanic official guides of  Elden Ring : these are two collectible tomes, designed precisely to make those who loved the atmosphere of the game happy, with the first coming out this month and the second coming next September.


Indiscretions suggested that Elden Ring , already titanic of its own, could soon also see the arrival of expansions and extra content, as suggested by some leaks ended up online, then instead denied .

We look forward to more details, both for the role-playing game and for the future of Elden Ring . In the meantime, you can read our chat with the Italian division of Bandai Namco , where we talked about the role of Hidetaka Miyazaki’s work in the growth of the publisher’s play offer, as well as his future projects.

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