Dota Underlords ClientVersion 363 Is Live, To Your Health!

Dota Underlords ClientVersion 363 Is Live, To Your Health!

Dota Underlords ClientVersion 363 Is Live, To Your Health!

Dota Underlords has had ClientVersion 363 issued. This update can now be downloaded to your PC (Steam). Dota Underlords ClientVersion 363 can find many general bug fixes and improvements to characters, objects, and alliances. What stands out is that they fixed and enhanced the efficiency of the pathfinding, leading to a better overall performance of the local bot game.

Valve released Dota Underlords, based on the popular DOTA Auto Chess mod. In this game fans face other opponents in battles that include building, combining, and enhancing a team’s level in a battle for city dominance. Below are some important patch notes relating to Dota Underlords ClientVersion 363.

General Changes

There have been quite a few issues with the pathfinding recently but this has been resolved and strengthened in the update of the latest Dota Underlords.

  • Fixed an issue with assassin pathfinding that led to them standing still or ignoring forced targets.
  • Improved pathfinding performance, leading to better local bot game performance.
  • Fixed an issue with a Batrider voice line. We failed you and we’re sorry.
  • Fixed Anessix’s Golem using the upgraded model all the time.

Underlord Changes

Just one of the Underlords got repairs and upgrades. Take note of shifts in Jull’s overall fitness. Full details for Jull can be seen below.

  • Maximum Health changed from [1360, 1620, 1940, 2330, 2795, 3355] to [2100, 2550, 3000, 3450, 3900, 4350]
  • Added base Magic Resistance of 25%
  • Aggressive Tank: fixed Barrels of Fun giving enemies damage resistance rather than taking increased damage.
  • Aggressive Tank: replaced Slow Burn with Roundhouse: Jull gains 70% damage reduction, 200 Attack Speed, and 50% lifesteal for 5 seconds in this Dota Underlords update.
  • Healing Tank: replaced Righteous Healing with To Your Health: Jull gains 70% damage reduction for 5 seconds. Adjacent allies are healed for 200% of damage taken by Jull during this time.

Hero Changes

A total of 14 heroes from Dota Underlords got some changes and updates to boost their overall playability. Below you’ll see eight of those 14 heroes.

  • Alchemist: Acid spray Armor Reduction changed from [-5, -8, -11] to [-4, -7, -10].
  • Crystal Maiden: Frostbite damage changed from [100, 125, 150] to [100, 150, 200]. Duration changed from [3, 4, 5] to [4, 5, 6].
  • Dragon Knight: Maximum Health changed from [1500, 3000, 6000] to [1400, 2800, 5600].
  • Earth Spirit: Tier changed from 3 to 2.
  • Ember Spirit: Tier changed from 2 to 3.
  • Morphling: Waveform damage changed from [100, 175, 450] to [100, 175, 325]. Cooldown changed from [8, 6, 4] to 6.
  • Omniknight: Maximum Health changed from [1205, 2415, 5795] to [1100, 2200, 5280].
  • Razor: Plasma Field minimum damage changed from 25 to 40. Maximum Damage changed from [100, 200, 300] to [150, 200, 250]

The entire list of Dota Underlords ClientVersion 363 patch notes is available here. I remind you that on June 20, 2019, Valve’s Dota Underlords launched as an early-access free-to-play game for Android, iOS and Windows. The game will release formally in February 2020.

Dota Underlords ClientVersion 363 Is Live, To Your Health!
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