(Digital Millennium Copyright Act Policy, Notice and Takedown Process)

It is our policy to expeditiously reply to proper notifications of supposed copyright violation that comply with the United States Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), (the text of which can be found at the U.S. Copyright Office Web Site,

It is anticipated that all users of will comply with related copyright laws. If, however, we get appropriate notification of requested copyright violation, our reply to such notices will contain restricting access to material requested to be the subject of infringing activity and/or dismissing providers, irrespective of whether we may be answerable for such breach under United States law or the laws of another authority.

If we inactivate access in reply to such a warning, we will create a good-faith effort to interact the maker of the affected content so that they may make a counter notification followed by to Sections 512(g)(2) and (3) of the DMCA. We may also file notifications of apparent breach on which we act.


Filing a DMCA Notice of Copyright Infringement

On receiving of appropriate requested notification, violation, will track all the events defined herein and in the DMCA. To file a notice of infringement with, you must provide a written note (through email, fax and mail) that sets forward the information stated in the list below.

Please note that you will be accountable for compensations (comprising costs and attorney’s fees) if you substantially manipulate that material intruding your copyright(s). Therefore, if you are not certain about your copyrights or if copyright laws defend the material of yours, there is need to refer the matter to an attorney.

To enhance our capability to develop your application, kindly use the subsequent format (containing section numbers):

• Complete personal details of your name, address of residence and office, contact number, and, if present, an email address at which you, as the opponent party, may be contacted;

• The declaration: “I am the copyright holder or a mediator sanctioned to act on the holder’s behalf of the following copyrighted material:”

• Classify with adequate details the copyrighted content that you are sure that your rights have been invaded. (For example, “The copyrighted image at issue is the “Content Title” which can be defined as “Description: literary work, image, etc.” by “name of the author”, containing any federal registering evidence if accessible);

• Documentation of the content that is requested to be invading or to be the subject of infringing action and that is to be detached or access to which is to be restricted, and information sensibly enough to license the to trace the material (e.g. “Title of Article” at this location:;

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