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Disney Overtakes Netflix in Subscriber Numbers, Announced Package With Ads

Disney Overtakes Netflix in Subscriber Numbers, Announced Package With Ads

Vought is so close to being real

With Disney ‘s involvement in the event, the wars of streaming services entered a Cold War period that was almost ending. Disney, which has two of the most important brands of popular culture such as Marvel and Star Wars , has also increased the speed of content production in this regard. As this is the case, users also showed great interest in Disney+, and there has been an explosion in the number of viewers of Disney+, especially recently. Not only Disney +, but also Hulu and Star , which are owned by Disney, Disney managed to get ahead of Netflix for the first time .

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In the last quarter, Disney reached 221 million subscribers worldwide, according to the data revealed at the last meeting of Walt Disney. For Netflix, this number is around 220.7 million. Although Disney+ has not been around for a long time, more than 152 million of this 221 million user base are Disney+ users. The Disney front seems to be planning for Disney+ to sit at the top of the industry alone in the near future. Problems such as the crisis that HBO Max entered and Netflix’s rapid loss of users changed the policy followed by Disney. 

Starting next December, we will encounter two different versions of Disney+. The first of these will contain ads in Disney+ Basic and will have a price of $ 7.99 per month. A $10.99 monthly Disney+ Premium subscription will be ad-free. There will be no content difference between Basic and Premium memberships. In fact, some Disney+ Basic content will not contain ads. 

Explaining its advertising policy, Disney stated that there will be around four minutes of commercials for 1 hour of viewing. The ads, which will appear in the form of 15 and 10-second commercial spots, will come to life in December. It is not yet clear how this advertising campaign will reflect on Disney+’s pricing policy in our country. 

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To get an idea of ​​the pricing policy, the $11 monthly Premium membership system will be $3 more per month than the regular Disney+ system. Premium membership, which can be subscribed for $109.99 per year, costs $40 more than the current standard package. The advertising package will continue to be watched for the same fee as the current system. I hope local pricing manages to put a smile on our face this time as well. Because this policy had a great role in Disney+’s gaining great popularity in our country. 

The fact that Disney has established such a great dominance in every field it touches brings to mind Vought International from The Boys series . While Vought in the series is a parody of Disney, Disney continues such a success in real life. Let’s see when Disney+ as a stand-alone streaming service will reach the top and become the sole ruler of it. 

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