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Disney+ Announces the Release Schedule of Andor Series

Disney+ Announces the Release Schedule of Andor Series

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Disney+ ‘s Star Wars content continues unabated. Although Obi-Wan Kenobi has been a bit of a disappointment on the way we started with The Mandalorian , Disney still has a lot of work to do. We will meet the Andor series, which has been observed for a long time , in about a month and a half. Due to the congestion in the broadcast calendar, the day of all episodes of Andor, whose first three episodes will be broadcast at the same time, has been announced.

  • Official Trailer Released From Andor Series

According to the calendar published by Disney, the first 3 episodes will start on Wednesday, September 21 . Then , until September 28 and then November 23, new episodes will be released every Wednesday and the series will make the season finale in the 12th episode. No sequel seasons for any series prior to Andor, including The Mandalorian, were confirmed by Disney+ prior to the show’s release. Stating that they are currently preparing for 24 episodes, the director of the series, Tony Gilroy , did not make a statement about the potential 3rd and subsequent seasons.

Tony Gilroy, who is also the director of the series, recently stated in an interview with Empire Magazine that Andor will focus on ordinary people in the Star Wars Universe. “They’re the people behind the scenes and the people who built the way for the revolution. We’re in these people’s kitchens. Our show is about ordinary people.” Gilroy at least managed to excite me with this explanation. Star Wars is beautiful when the subjects such as lightsabers colliding and the power felt uneasily come into play, but it will be very nice to witness many other stories of a whole universe. I hope the series manages to be interesting enough to fulfill these promises. 

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