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Did Epic Games Take A Break From The Weekly Free Games Campaign?

Did Epic Games Take A Break From The Weekly Free Games Campaign?

Maybe it’s a pre-Gamescom silence, what do you think?

Epic Games has been continuing its free games campaign with relatively low-budget games and content packs for free games for a while. This week’s game is Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3?! While it is available for free download as of last night, no new game has been announced for the next week, instead it has been announced that the Boom Boxer Pack will be given for Rumbleverse. As you can see, there is no game on the list for now.

I say for now, because we’ve seen a few games added after such announcements a few times before. But will it be the same this time, it’s hard to predict. Currently, the information we have is that they will spend the next week with the Rumbleverse Bum Boxer Content Pack.

Rumbleverse, which debuted yesterday, is defined as a free-to-play, 40-player “Brawler Royale”. We will see in the coming days if he will be able to make a good entrance to the fields as Multiverse.

It means that Epic Games has deemed it appropriate to support the game by giving such a content package in order to keep the popularity of the game, which it distributes, high. How much of an impact this will have, we will have the answer next week.

Did Epic Games decide to end their weekly free games campaign a little bit, or did they idle a little before Gamescom (maybe a surprise may come during Gamescom week, what do you think?), we will see it all together in the coming weeks.

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