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Diablo Immortal players are still losing millions of XP. Battle Pass fixes not working

From the looks of it, Blizzard’s recently released fix for Diablo Immortal didn’t live up to expectations. The game still has a bug that causes users to lose properly earned experience points.

We all understand that no game will avoid mistakes. In some cases, there are serious crashes that interfere with the further gameplay, while in others – only minor visual inconveniences. The problem that Diablo Immortal has recently encountered lies somewhere in between.

XP theft

According to information published by PCGamesN, Diablo Immortal players have been complaining for some time now that they are being robbed of their honestly earned experience points from the game’s battle pass.

Quick fix

As expected, Blizzard released a patch over the weekend that they claimed would fix the aforementioned bug plaguing Diablo Immortal.

“XP in various Battle Pass challenges did not reward players. A fix has been released to address this issue, and the team is working on calculating the amount of XP lost by each person over the time periods affected by this bug. XP will be credited as soon as we verify the data,” a company spokesperson said in a statement on Reddit.


This does not work

However, the fix was of little use, as a large number of players are still complaining that the problem has not been fixed. To make matters worse, there are claims that XP owed has not been returned.


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