Diablo Immortal made over $100 million

Diablo Immortal made over $100 million

No one really doubted this, but Diablo Immortal ‘s mobile shareware donation generator , whose announcement permanently destroyed Blizzard’s relationship with many of its old fans, turned out to be very, very successful.

How successful? It took the game less than two months to break the $100 million mark. According to Sensor Tower, only Pokemon GO showed itself better among games , which at one time caused a short, but very massive insanity around the world and overcame the coveted mark in two weeks. Well, next on the list are Fire Emblem Heroes with 10 weeks, the mobile version of Fortnite with 12 weeks and Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire with 22 weeks.

So scandals scandals, and even stories about spending 16 thousand dollars to get one 5-star stone did not scare away people “who have phones” from Diablo Immortal.

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