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Diablo Immortal celebrates a great record with new free gifts, starting now

Diablo Immortal celebrates a great record with new free gifts, starting now

The controversial Diablo Immortal continues to prove to be one of the most popular free-to-plays of recent years, setting another major record for the franchise.

The mobile and PC spin-off of the Blizzard saga (you can buy Diablo III Eternal Collection for fast delivery on Amazon ) has announced that it has reached a total of 20 million downloads since day one: a certainly impressive milestone, considering that the launch official occurred less than two months ago.

After recently updating the game with a new gift to fans, albeit with important limitations , the developers have decided to celebrate the achievement of these record numbers with redeemable bonuses from now on.


Blizzard has announced that it will be enough to log in to Diablo Immortal to receive a free Legendary Crest, gold and other bonuses , at no additional cost (via GamesRadar + ).



The free-to-play title continues to be the subject of controversy due to the excessive microtransactions that Blizzard continues to defend with the sword: these free bonuses, while perhaps not overly generous , could push the most loyal users to continue playing.


These free gifts are available right now for all Diablo Immortal players : to be able to redeem them, all you have to do is log in with your account . After entering the game, you will find all your new bonuses waiting for you.

Although this is one of the most controversial launches of the last period by the videogame giant, these numbers do nothing but demonstrate how successful the choice to transform Diablo into a free title for smartphones and PCs has proved to be .

Although users may in fact complain about its microtransactions, the ” cold ” numbers give us a very different image: Diablo Immortal is collecting every day figures that many will never see in their entire life .


However, it must be said that, apart from this particularly problematic aspect, the free-to-play title has been widely appreciated by a good range of users who have even come to define it as ” the perfect game “ .

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