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Details about the August update

Details about the August update

Hello Diplomacy is Not an Option fans! As usual, on the day of the release of the update, we talk about the changes introduced to the game.

New Troop Types To begin with, the player has new types of troops at his disposal:

  • Foot Knights are heavy armored infantrymen who, thanks to their high health pool, will serve as an excellent rear guard for you.
  • Ax warriors are another type of infantry troops. They are also dressed in heavy armor, but they will be more useful to you in the attack.
  • Mounted archers are riders from the Gorgoth Empire who excel in the art of archery. They ride fast, shoot straight from the saddle, but they still need to stop to attack.
  • Mounted knights are heavy cavalry, in fact they are Foot Knights who were mounted on horses. That is, they are a little faster and a little more powerful.
  • The Burrdam Chimera is a wagon that explodes as soon as the engineer who controls this amazing invention lights the fuse. All Chimera operators are awarded the title of hero (posthumously).

StablesSince we added the ability to hire different types of cavalry, we had to allocate a separate building for them – the Stables. The Horsemen also migrated there. And in the Barracks of different levels, only foot soldiers and archers will now be available for training.
New Active AbilitiesFrom the early days of development, we have argued that there are many winning tactics in Diplomacy is Not an Option. We also said that weaker types of troops can come in handy in the later stages of the game. Experience has shown that Swordsmen and Archers can hardly compete with more expensive types of troops. With the advent of new foot soldiers (and mounted archers), it will become even more difficult for them to compete, and to compensate for this, we have given active abilities:

  • Archer – can now temporarily increase the rate of fire
  • Swordsman – can immediately increase damage, and movement speed, and the chance to evade attacks.

True, after activating this ability, the Swordsmen die, of course, having received the posthumous title of a hero.

In addition, the Spearman has a passive ability. It now deals triple damage to enemy cavalry. And for complete symmetry, we gave the same ability to enemy warriors with spears.
New research tree Naturally, with the advent of new types of troops (and new abilities), the research tree has also expanded. Some of the research improves the parameters of your warriors, some opens up abilities, but another direction of scientific thought has appeared – strengthening spells. We also developed research to address late-game economic issues, but these were not included in the August update. We will definitely add them in the future.
Economy Changes While we’re talking about the economy and the late game, we have some good news. Firstly, from this point on, upgrading the Stone and Iron mines increases not only the amount of the extracted resource per unit of time, but also the total amount of the resource that can be extracted from the mine. And secondly, we have abolished the warehouse at the Market and slightly improved its interface. If you have resources in a saved game in the warehouse at the Market, then with the update they will not disappear anywhere, you will still be able to dispose of them. At the same time, such resources will not take up space in the warehouse. So please don’t be surprised if you have more resources on hand than the warehouses can hold. Work on the Market is still in progress, this is far from the final version.
Economic Statistics DashboardComplete information about your settlement is now available in a new, user-friendly Statistics Dashboard.
Improvement of buildersThe logic of the behavior of residents and builders has been improved. Residents began to fear enemies and learned to run away from them, saving their lives. Builders now prefer those places of work that are nearby. And if there are any, they will not go to the other side of the city in search of work.

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Update 0.9.55 Major


  • New troops: Burrdam Chimera, Mounted Archer, Mounted Knight, Ax Warrior and Foot Knight;
  • New building: Stable where all cavalry (including Riders) are hired.
  • The research tree has been completely redesigned. Some research has been rebalanced or changed. Added 14 new technologies (for example, “Soul Drain”, which allows you to receive Soul Crystals after the death of certain types of enemies). 3 more researches are postponed until the next updates (currently blocked);
  • New active and passive abilities of warriors. Now abilities can be activated if troops are placed on defensive structures;
  • Stone and Iron mines of higher levels increase the amount of resource that can be obtained from these mines;
  • Removed the warehouse at the Market. Unloading the arriving Airships requires free space in the Vaults;
  • The new Statistics Panel provides detailed information about the economy of your settlement, including the priority of work, the consumption and income of each type of resource;
  • The inhabitants of your settlement are now afraid of enemies and run away from them.


  • At the request of the game community, the challenge mode has been rebalanced:
    The King Strikes Back, Day of the Crazed Peasants – 2, I’m Surrounded – have become more difficult;
    Wooden era, Against the army of the king and the Mordovory attack! – became lighter:
  • One Trebuchet now requires 4 villagers to produce. Trebuchet food intake increased to 4 per day. The production of the Catapult and Ballista requires 2 free workers each, and their upkeep is 2 food per day;
  • Reduced the amount of wood required to build part of the buildings. In order for the new cost not to upset the economic balance, in some cases the amount of stone / iron required for them has been increased for the same buildings;
  • Research has been rebalanced due to a complete overhaul of mechanics;
  • Ballista now moves and attacks faster, and has a larger targeting radius.


  • Improved the logic of the builders’ behavior – now they are looking for work nearby;
  • Now troops can be directly moved from one defensive structure to another (using the “Withdraw troops” command);
  • Photo Mode ([F11]) now hides all UI elements (including indicators)
  • The order queue now works well with Hold Position, Attack Point, Drive (e.g. from Towers) and Drive (e.g. to Towers) commands;
  • Added hotkey [Backspace] to reset the camera angle to the default position;
  • Added hotkey [Ctrl+L] for the function “Repeat the last order”;
  • Activated skills are now highlighted with sound and visual cues
  • Reworked order grid for troops. Notable: Attack priorities (nearest and strongest targets) occupy the same interface button, which works like a toggle;
  • During map generation, the pond next to the Town Hall can appear on either side of it, in addition, there is always fish in this pond;
  • Visual improvements.

Bug fixes:

  • Holding down the [Delete] hotkey works fine (as a mass dismissal of troops or as the destruction of several buildings);
  • Fixed incorrect work of the Patrol command for Healers with activated automatic application of healing;
  • Fixed a bug with the inability to disable the automatic application of healing during the cooldown of the ability;
  • Bug with instant death from starvation for troops when they are fired / canceled after loading a save;
  • Fixes and improvements to UI and UX;
  • Localization fixes.

Thank you for your attention! That’s all we wanted to share with you today. The full list of changes is attached below. See you soon!

Team Door 407


                                                    Here’s How to Install the Game?

Follow All Steps Given

  1. Click on the “Download Game” button to start Installation.
  2. Download Installer (Note Down: Current Setup Supports Resumable Downloads).
  3. Open the Installer, Click Next and choose the directory where to install.
  4. Let it Download Full Version game in your specified directory and choose the location Where to install game.
  5. Open the Game and Enjoy Playing Full Version Game.


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