Destiny 2 Hotfix Live Update Version All Details Here

Destiny 2 Hotfix Live Update Version All Details Here

Bungie has released the Destiny 2 update now May 19 hotfix! Apparently, this is an actual file which you need to download! Bungie calls this Destiny 2 hotfix, and we’ve recorded the patch notes under,


Fixed a problem with Titan exotic Wormgod Caress that was allowing for maintenance of the Burning. Fists stacking melee lover far beyond it is intended length.
Fixed an issue with Warlock exotic Winter’s Guile that was enabling for upkeep of the Warlord’s Sigil. Piling melee buff far past it’s intended duration.
Fixed an issue where players can make a Sentinel Super over 10 minutes with the Grasp of the Warmind carry object.
Players can no more melee while holding on to the Grasp of this Warmind carry thing.


Fixed a problem where the additional Clan Bounty unlocked by reaching Clan rank 6 was not being made available from Hawthorne


Fixed an issue where it was possible for the Little Fireteam XP Boost in the Season Pass to employ the wrong XP Boost.
Given this isn’t a full-fledged patch, signifying we’ve already ran this Destiny 2 upgrade now May 19 posts, we’re keeping it up. Sorry for the confusion, everybody!

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