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Destiny 2 Cheaters Believe It Doesn’t Hurt The Game

Destiny 2 Cheaters Believe It Doesn't Hurt The Game

Do you hear what comes out of your mouth?

Bungie’s head is not getting rid of troubles. The developer, who was previously sued with a player who said he wanted to arson the studio, is now baffled by the counterclaim of the cheat producer AimJunkies. The parties that have faced each other in the past months will be sued once again, according to the official statement of AimJunkies.

Bungie sued the group AimJunkies not only for cheating but also for copyright. Because, according to the studio’s statements, the mod team’s trick that allows players to see behind the wall could only be done with Destiny 2’s source code. Bungie claimed that AimJunkies violated copyright rules by reverse engineering.

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Although the details of the lawsuit are not fully clear, AimJunkies is also preparing to file a lawsuit against Bungie, according to the news of TorrentFreak. Expressing that the mod team wants to protect the right to sell the software, they published a statement with very interesting sentences. I tried to translate the description as best I could:

“In our opinion, the software we design is no different from the overlay designs made by Steam and many other brands. Bungie also claims that AimJunkies has damaged the game, despite the game’s peak player numbers and sales. We want to prove it.”

It looks like this war will continue for a while..

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