Demon’s Souls Remake Rumored To Be PlayStation 5 Exclusive

Demon’s Souls Remake Rumored To Be PlayStation 5 Exclusive

Demon’s Souls Remake Rumored To Be PlayStation 5 Exclusive

Demon’s Souls ‘ widely speculated remake will reportedly be an exclusive PlayStation 5, according to prominent industry insider “Tidux” — the same one who had previously leaked announcements for Titanfall, Fallout 4, as well as several features related to PlayStation 4. Just enough to say, the source’s clean and accurate track record makes that implication more than just a salty rumor.

Notice that popular reports have already confirmed PlayStation 5 not to support cross-generation games at launch, meaning the next-generation first-year titles will not be running on PlayStation 4. Therefore Demon’s Souls being an exclusive PlayStation 5 is understandable.

The long-awaited remake is yet to be officially announced by Bluepoint Games but several indicators from last year were taken as confirmations. Demon’s Souls certainly returns, not just as a pure remaster but as a huge offering to the next generation. Therefore, if Sony had tied the game to PlayStation 5 exclusively, Bluepoint Games would have a larger freehand to make the game look more realistic, perhaps even using Ray Tracing technology to boost visual fidelity. Otherwise the developer would also have to compensate for PlayStation 4 by making the necessary adjustments to minimal differences in performance between the two consoles.

In last month’s interview with Marco Thrush, president of Bluepoint Games, he stated that remastering Shadow of the Colossus (twice) was an incredible studio achievement until now. The project currently in the works for PlayStation 5, however, will easily replace Shadow of the Colossus as the greatest achievement ever in Bluepoint Games ‘ books.

Thrush refrained from going into any details by noting that only when Sony is ready to make an official announcement, will the studio start talking. Let it be known for now that the current undertaking for PlayStation 5 is probably the biggest challenge faced by Bluepoint Games as compared to previous projects. The entire conversation was pretty much a teaser for the anticipated remake of Demon’s Souls.

The only question now is whether the game will or will not be part of the launch lineup for PlayStation 5? It would come as a surprise if that were the case. More likely though, Demon’s Souls looks like a game that comes at the earliest next year. That being said, in the coming months, Sony and Bluepoint Games should begin making reveals.

Demon’s Souls Remake Rumored To Be PlayStation 5 Exclusive
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