Dead Cells is finally Coming to Android on 3rd June 2020

Dead Cells is finally Coming to Android on 3rd June 2020

Dead Cells is finally Coming to Android on 3rd June 2020. According to porting company Playdigious, the excellent indie roguelike success Dead Cells is coming to Android June 3rd. Original developer Motion Twin first revealed the development of an Android version of Dead Cells back in May 2019, when the French studio gave a summer release date for its iOS edition. (Dead Cells released an iOS version in August last year.)

Now, Android fans just have to wait a little longer to play the ultra-difficult game on mobile. There’s no word yet on price. The iOS version launched at $8.99 and now costs $5.99 starting today. But it looks as if the Android version will indeed cost money, rather than being released for free with ads or some form of in-app purchase to unlock the full game. Playdigious says by preregistering now on the Play Store, you’ll get 10 percent off the launch price.

Sadly, your save file can not be moved from Nintendo Switch, PC or any other device. But it’s the complete edition of Dead Cells available except the game’s addition of Rise of the Giant and The Bad Seed, both of which Playdigious states they’re working on porting over in future updates.

It features a movement and touch input on-screen joystick for target, trap, and object slots. And visually the game looks and runs wonderfully on iOS devices, and more powerful ones like the iPad Pro in particular. And if you don’t feel like using certain touch inputs you can use a joystick at all times.

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