Control Update 1.09 Is Live Now

Control Update 1.09 Is Live Now

A new update went live on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC for Power. In Control Update 1.09, you will find that this is a very small update, as there is only one confirmed patch note. The patch notes are not really straightforward and precise about what exactly has changed, but what we do know is that only a few general bug fixes and some performance improvements were made by the developers.

Power, formerly known as the codename “P7,” is a video game developed by Max Payne and Alan Wake, a third-person action adventure that blends the trademark designs of Remedy with supernatural powers and a sandbox or open-world universe. Control unfolds in a complex and constantly changing world that refreshes with the strange and mysterious, our familiar reality.

You play in this game the role of Jesse Faden, the new Manager who struggles to reclaim power, after a secret organization in New York has been infiltrated by a threat from another planet. The title challenges you to master a mix of supernatural powers, alterable charges and dynamic environments while battling dark and enigmatic worlds. Here is a full list of the patch notes for Control Update 1.09.

  • General bug fixes and performance improvements.

The developers recently released yet another significant patch for this game. You will note that Control Update 1.08 enhanced the map readability; introduced the Launch and Aim button toggle options; revised the functionality tree; introduced the Shield Rush feature upgrade to the Shield functionality; and added the feature to zoom in on collectable documents to enhance readability.

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