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Conan Exiles: Stats, traits and corruption in the Age of Sorcery update

Conan Exiles: Stats, traits and corruption in the Age of Sorcery update

Hello exiles!

An important aspect of Conan Exiles is the development of your character in the area that you have chosen for him. Over time, we’ve noticed that some stats and traits are used much less frequently than others. We’ve been wanting to fix this for a long time, and Age of Sorcery gives us just the right opportunity.

In working on this expansion, we set ourselves three main goals for improving the system: first, to significantly improve the balance of characteristics and traits so that all of them are useful enough; secondly, to build witchcraft into this system so that it is suitable for the fantasy world; thirdly, to add more choices in character development.

It is worth considering that the effect of changes to traits and characteristics will affect the entire game and will affect combat, companions, resource gathering, and so on. In addition to the system overhaul, we’re also adding the ability to corrupt your stats and gain traits related to the sinister nature of sorcery.

We’ll start with an overview of progression changes in general, then look at specific stats and their effects, and finally move on to corruption and the unique new traits it provides, as well as the price that those who choose to wield the seductive enchantments will have to pay for them. strength.

Personal choice and thoughtful developmentIn Age of Sorcery, we’ve reduced the maximum number of stat points you can earn from 390 to 60. In addition, you can now put a maximum of 20 points into each stat, and the cost doesn’t increase as you level up. In this regard, every point you put into a stat should become noticeably more meaningful.

Also under the reworked system, you will receive a new trait for every five points invested in a characteristic. When investing 10 points, you will be able to choose one trait from two different ones. That is, each characteristic will have two points for selection: at 10 and 20 points.

We hope that with the new system, players will try different schemes and combinations of traits in order to better develop the character in some particular way. Thanks to witchcraft, diversity will become even greater. You will see it for yourself below.

The Power of Traits Age of Sorcery is getting some really cool new traits. Here are a couple of examples for you. One of the 20-point Agility traits is Roll Lunge, which causes the first attack after a dodge to cost no stamina and has increased penetration.

“Builder” makes all the buildings you build more durable. Thanks to the Prepper, tools will last much longer, and the character will suffer much less from hunger and thirst.

Shield Mastery allows you to block unblockable attacks at a higher Stamina cost, and after a successful block, you will react twice as fast. These are far from the only completely new features in the game, so be sure to try out the different possibilities and combinations.

Due to the new cap of 20 points per stat, if you wish, you will be able to max out three character stats, which was not possible before. But how exactly to distribute the points is up to you. You may want to split them more evenly across more stats so that the character is more of a generalist than a specialist in one thing.

New FeaturesAs you’ll see in the list below, Accuracy, Carrying Capacity, and Survival have all been replaced with new stats. We’ve also tweaked the effects of all stats. Now the game has the following characteristics.

  • Strength. You are a real titan with bulging muscles. Strength allows you to deal more damage with power weapons and somewhat increases the weight limit you can carry.
  • Agility. You stay alive thanks to accuracy, skill and speed. Weapons that require speed deal more damage and your stamina is increased.
  • Vitality. A living exile is a deadly exile. Increases health points.
  • Authority. Everyone kneels before you. Prestige will make it easier for you to stun thralls, and your companions will deal more damage.
  • Excerpt. The harsh nature and the eternal struggle for survival incredibly tempered your will, increased security and strength.
  • Improvement. Someone destroys, and someone builds. You know how to do both. You can carry more weight.

Filth. Great power requires sacrifice! In Age of Sorcery, you can cast a variety of spells, but that kind of power comes at a price. Only those who let the filth into themselves can become a receptacle for dark forces. Such guides are easy to spot by their hungry eyes and haggard faces, black veins showing through parched skin, flabby muscles…

Different spells require different amounts of filth in the caster, and each successfully cast enchantment defiles you even more. The more filth in the character, the less health and stamina he has. The exile will not be able to sacrifice more than half of his health and stamina, but by the time he reaches this limit, any spell will be subject to him.
The next step on the path of accepting filth is sacrifice. In Age of Sorcery, you can corrupt your power, vitality, and prestige to gain brand new corrupted traits, but you need Soul Extracts to do so. They are mined by placing a living person on a sacrificial stone and tearing his soul out of his body. After that, only a smoking shell will remain on the stone, and you will become the full owner of the soul extract.

You can now corrupt your Strength, Vitality, and Authority up to the number of points you have invested in those stats, and each point consumes one Soul Extract. For example, if you have six Soul Extracts and four Vitality, you can corrupt your Vitality to four, leaving you with two more Soul Extracts.

Corrupted traits are earned at the same interval as regular traits and replace the previous regular trait. Each point of Filth spent after the first trait for a particular stat will increase the effectiveness of that trait.

Corrupted traits only appear when you meet the conditions required for them. It should also be said that these traits are not directly related to charms. For example, if you corrupt your power, you will receive a trait that increases your damage beyond the limits of normal power, but at the same time reduces your maximum health and stamina.

Corruption can be removed by being close to Slave Dancers, but if you have corrupted your stat, the Corruption will remain at that level. It will be possible to clear it only by resetting the characteristics.

This is not all!We think you’ll enjoy experimenting with different levels of filth and traits to create your ideal exile – whether it’s a barbarian, a sorcerer, or something in between.
We hope that it was interesting to learn about changes in traits and characteristics. If you haven’t read articles about sorcery, a redesigned building system, and creative mode, then by all means check them out. Read and enjoy!

This is far from over.
Full of life to you, exiles.



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