Complete Call of Duty: Warzone M4A1 Analysis

Complete Call of Duty: Warzone M4A1 Analysis. In Call of Duty: Warzone the M4A1 is a workhorse of a weapon, but there is a lot to know about how to create the ideal setup for this reliable gun.

In Call of Duty, the secret to doing well: Warzone is versatility. Through match can test each squad’s skills in a wide variety of situations, from long-range skirmishes to close quarters shootouts. That makes it important not only to have good teammates but also to have a good loadout of reliable weapons. One part of the equation is being lucky and finding good weapons through loot drops, but the value of loadout drops makes it important to have a good setup planned for when enough money has been earned to drop one in.

When creating a custom loadout for Call of Duty: Warzone, it is almost impossible to go wrong with a trusty standby: the M4A1. There are a lot of ins and outs to every weapon, but the M4A1 remains one of the most popular guns in Warzone for a reason. It is dependable, consistent, and deeply customizable. The M4A1 is a jack of all trades weapon, with respectable range, good handling, consistent controllability, and top-tier damage. It can be a bit bland sometimes because of it is good all around, but never exceptional. Ultimately though, it is still the most reliable choice for veterans and newbies alike.

Although the price of loadout drops in Season 3 has dramatically improved, they are still extremely important to Warzone’s late-game play. The M4A1 has been one of the very strongest weapons in Modern Warfare since day one, and its legacy still remains in Warzone. Nevertheless, the requisite modifications to create an effective M4A1 are somewhat different than in Modern Warfare due to the ranges at which fighting takes place in Warzone.

The Best M4A1 Attachments For Warzone

The biggest difference between gunfights in Modern Warfare and Warzone is, first and foremost, the application of body armour to the equation. Although the M4A1 might not be Warzone’s best weapon to get through body armour, it has plenty of other features that make it an excellent option. An extended magazine is a must-have to power through body armor and fight several enemy squad leaders rapidly at once. A 50-round magazine is ideal because it does not so much slow down the handling, but offers plenty of firepower. Many players with a little less accurate shooting may prefer a 60-round mag, even with the additional penalties for movement.

It is possible to alter the M4A1 into totally different weapons with other ammo types, but in Warzone it’s best to focus on the core utility of the gun. That said, a good suppressor goes a long way in Warzone, since keeping the squad’s position hidden offers a huge advantage. The Monolithic suppressor is the best one in the game, hands down. It provides extra range on top of its sound suppression, which is ideal.

Extra range is key. A Corvus Custom Marksman barrel, on top of a Monolothic suppressor, provides extended range and greater control of the recoil without as extreme disadvantages as the M16 grenadier gun. Yet adding a heavier barrel, a suppressor, and bigger mags would make the M4A1 much too sluggish. To keep handling speedy, it is necessary to add at least one attachment, such as a Tac Laser, Stippled Grip Tape or a lighter stock. Handling attachments are important on small maps but balanced handling is good enough in Warzone.

Attachments that minimize range should be avoided at all costs, but other than that players should pick attachments based on whether they prefer additional range, improved controllability or faster ADS times. Optics are generally up to choice, but in a number of situations the ability to zoom to some degree can be very beneficial, particularly when not playing with a full squad requires more flexibility.

A good, balanced Warzone build taking full advantage of the M4A1 would look something like this: 50-round extended magazine, Monolithic suppressor, Corvus Custom Marksman barrel, flip optic, and FORGE TAC CQS stock or stippled grip tape to improve handling. For those who have good eyes or play on big screens, doing away with the optic can free up another customization slot. With a well-balanced Warzone squad, a solid M4A1 build can be the workhorse that carries the team to victory.

M4A1 Characteristics And Alternatives

The M4A1 is easily one of Modern Warfare and Warzone’s very best weapons, but it’s not the best in any region. As mentioned above, there are many guns with better DPS, handling, or range but outclassing the M4A1 is still very hard. The recoil is one of the key explanations for that. Recoil is very useful even at a very high fire rate. That’s mainly because the action of the recoil is very predictable, even though it is stronger than some other guns. The firing activity of the M4A1 is slightly to no random.

Contrary to popular belief, damage isn’t everything, and the M4A1 illustrates that beautifully. The AK-47 does more damage per shot and has higher DPS, but falls behind the M4A1 in popularity. It is equally customizable and has huge potential, but can’t keep up because its recoil is too random to keep landing shots on targets at long range. Likewise, the RAM-7 is superior to the M4A1 in many ways, but with slightly shorter range and a less predictable recoil pattern, it remains less popular.

Probable the M13 is the better alternative to the M4A1. The M13 does much more headshot harm and longer range, rewarding more complex shooting characteristics and higher overall potential for professional players. The M4A1 however needs much less power and can continue to work even in low- to mid-skilled player hands. Another great choice is the AK-47, but it also needs heavy modification and a little more experience to do the most efficiently of its job. This is not to suggest that there is no talent for those who use the M4A1. It also means that the gun takes less ability to achieve its full capacity, which in competitive play is a bit of an advantage. Even skilled players can be caught off guard, and in those times reliability is preferable to ideal potential damage output.

Call of Duty: Warzone is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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