Companion Updates in Age of Sorcery

Companion Updates in Age of Sorcery

Hello exiles!

Today we’re talking about companions, which will be heavily rebalanced and reworked in Age of Sorcery. Various new features and improvements await you: new stats, traits, even new types of companions that can be obtained through sorcery. There are also changes that will affect each satellite.

After Update 3.0, you will have more options to personalize your character. Satellites also play an important role. Whether you step into the darkness of sorcery or stay in the light, you can always become a leader who sends his faithful warriors into battle. And whether these warriors will be people, demons or undead is up to you.

After compiling a proposed list of changes that will affect satellites, we realized that the balance should be reworked so that players use satellites as they see fit, and not as a necessity. In Age of Sorcery, the base health and damage of companions will be reduced, but if you want, you can make them significantly stronger with prestige and traits.

Now it should not seem to you that it is unprofitable to travel without satellites. You can do without them, but satellites can bring more benefits than before.

We’re also working on a new companion survivability feature, but we’ll talk more about that later as it’s coming to the game after Age of Sorcery.

New stat – AuthorityOne of the new stats in Age of Sorcery will be prestige. With each point you invest in it, you increase the damage your companions deal and improve your ability to stun people to make them into slaves or… shall we say “ritual material”.

Prestige traits also improve your companions in many ways, such as making enemies focus on them instead of you, or increasing companion survivability through health regeneration and healing received. Instead of the last feature, you have to choose whether to add another companion to yourself or significantly improve the characteristics of existing ones. For the first time, you will be able to prepare two slaves to follow you as personal guards.

With witchcraft, additional opportunities will open up for you. They will spawn as the Corruption of your Prestige intensifies and your Common Traits change into Corrupted Traits. The first trait acquired will give companions a chance to enter a frenzy state where they temporarily deal increased damage. Each point of filth invested above the first trait will increase this effect.

The last trait will be the “Demon Lord”. With it, each hit gives a chance for a demonic companion to emerge from a gap in the fabric of the universe. This companion will help you deal with enemies. It won’t last long though, so if you’re lucky, you might be able to summon a few demons.

Demon and Undead CompanionsThe sorcerer often forces others to do his bidding, whether they like it or not. In Age of Sorcery, you can summon demons and raise the undead from the ground. These unwitting servants will follow your instructions, but for this you will have to let in the filth and make the necessary human sacrifices.

Now you can create a circle of power in the settlement. It will become your door to the domain of the Abyss. With the right ingredients, its inhabitants can be lured into our world.

Such a call requires blood, both demonic and human. Summon a mighty demon to destroy your enemies and a void steed to carry you into battle alongside that demon. Demons are not your simple mounts. The Abyssal Rhino, for example, impresses with its appearance alone, not to mention its devastating attack.

The Battle Pass unlocks several new skins, such as the Undead Horse or the Ghost Horse.

Sorcerers not only cast spells, but often haunt the dead. You will be able to bring the body of a slave to a shallow grave in order to perform a ritual and revive his lifeless corpse. The characteristics of such a husk will depend on the characteristics of the living slave. This will give you strong companions that start out at level 20 (the maximum for companions) and three traits.

But over time, even the dead die. The companion in the form of a walking corpse after some time will begin to noticeably shrink, until it eventually falls and no longer rises. Then you have to look for a new body to replace him.

Summoning companions, demons, and undead—whether for combat or riding—requires preparation and defilement, but the power they give you is often worth it. The sacrificial stone of an experienced summoner does not stand idle – all new guests of the most different sizes are forever wriggling on it.

Age of Sorcery is already knocking on the door Day by day we are getting closer to the release date of this massive update. There will be fundamental changes in the development of Conan Exiles. We can’t wait to see how you take the change.

So, sorcerers, barbarians and everyone else, decide on your favorite play style and build, survive, destroy, explore and conquer the Exiled Lands.

Full of life to you, exiles.

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