Cloud Computing Benefits in New Digital World
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Cloud Computing Benefits in New Digital World

Cloud Computing Benefits in New Digital World

Cloud computing is a computing that is based on the internet service and connectivity. In the past, people run programs or applications from software, which were downloaded from a remote server or a physical computer. Cloud computing services, provides functionality to support them to access those applications through the connectivity of internet. Status update on Facebook account, Emails checking from remote server, bank account balance checking on the phone, we all make use of cloud computing for these services.

Once upon a time, it was pretty clear what people meant when they talked about “the cloud.” They were referring to hosts and/or storage that works in the cloud. Presently, the cloud could mean many other things, as well. Appreciating how the definition of cloud computing and cloud services has evolved recently is critical for understanding how organizations can deploy the cloud today as well as for predicting the future of cloud computing.
Cloud-in past was referred to three types of services: IaaS, PaaS or SaaS.

Actually, early on, they were referring above all to IaaS, which at the time involved virtual machines and storage that you connected to via the internet. That was the leading service provided by the first companies like Amazon Web Services AWS. The major services were EC2 virtual machines and S3 storage in the past when cloud was evolved.

The Future of the Cloud: Performance and Cost Optimization

In some ways, it’s hard to imagine what else cloud computing providers can add to their portfolios that is not already there. From data analytics to robotics to IoT, they have most niches covered. Although certain types of new SaaS services are bound to keep cropping up, I don’t think the future of the cloud lies primarily in offering more and more services.

Instead, I suspect that performance and cost optimization will be the next big challenge for cloud computing. But there are signs that cloud providers are moving to tackle this problem via solutions like faster network interfaces and edge computing solutions.

Cloud Computing Benefits of Cloud services

1. Less operational Costs
2. 24 X 7 service Availability
3. Flexibility in Capacity planning
4. Enhanced Functioning
5. Automated Updates on Software
7. No downtime for maintenance due to High availability solutuoins
8. Enhanced Collaboration

Cloud Computing Benefits in New Digital World
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