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Clanfolk: Update [02.08.22]

Clanfolk: Update [02.08.22]


  • Updated Hungarian translation
  • Update the “Trade” window to allow scrolling in the buying and selling part. – It ended up eating more hours than expected. Next time I will try to fix a number of small errors that will take less time. This bug was prioritized because it hid elements outside of the screen.


  • Increased bread oven heat output from 6C on 27 tiles to 7C on 48 tiles.
  • The guests no longer tend to the fire. Sometimes this put them in situations that reduced satisfaction too much.
  • Fixed a case where all clan members were awake if there were people or animals in need of healing, but there was no bed to put them on.
  • Fixed a bug that caused workers who joined a family to leave their clothes marked as not dropping, causing them to stay at the wrong time of the year.
  • Fixed an issue where clan members could become permanently stuck trying to clean up or collect excrement in hard to reach places.
  • Fixed a case of task indecision where the squad wanted to sleep, but while traveling in the cold, they were too cold to sleep, so they did something else and warmed up, and then wanted to sleep again. It happened when in winter you had to travel long distances to get to your bed.
  • Recipe for wood ash 1:1 with bark consumed. So doubled the output. More fertilizer!


  • Fixed an issue where the priority of carried people and animals would reset each time they were picked up.
  • Added a toggle in settings/gameplay for strict skill priority, currently disabled by default. Strict skill priorities are how priorities worked prior to version 0.243. Definition: “ALL tasks within a SKILL with the highest priority are always completed first”
  • Note. Currently, non-strict priorities are experimental, but they are currently active. Please turn strict priorities back on if you run into problems or don’t like it. I’m just trying to do a lot of testing on this experimental system.
  • New smart priority boost system. Instead of just looking at distance to prioritize, it also uses unit skill priorities to choose what
    the next buff to try should be.
  • The Auto Water and Auto Fertilize jobs have a neutral priority (5) instead of a low priority (2). This should cause
    these quests to be picked more frequently now.


  • Added a health check to cancel tasks if the task cannot be completed due to pathfinding being lost.
  • Fix for a case made much more prominent in v0.243 where testing a potential carry task could cause the unit to drop the item they are carrying. This could happen at a time when the item should already exist in another task, causing all sorts of difficulties for the developer. From the player’s point of view, this was the reason why Clanfolk was always standing there holding a basket of poop.
  • Updated the Transfer task to prioritize the transfer of portable tools.
  • Skill priority has a weight of 1.5 times more than task priority compared to 1:1 before.
  • Towing skill weights aren’t as heavily tied to distance when it comes to non-strict skill priority mode, so until now, towing tasks didn’t need to be weighted as heavily to be usable.


  • Added a sanity check for collecting poop: in the case where a task was started while holding the wrong tool, the task could be blocked for a long period of time.
  • Fixed collecting a dung basket so that the entire location will be cleared of poop until the basket is full before being pulled back out.
  • Added task persistence for harvesting tasks so that when harvesting ends, units will try to find another similar task within 15 tiles. There was an issue where units would reset their harvest tasks after harvesting 1 tile, this was due to the haste hijacking the unit’s task priority before the next similar task could start.
  • The quest chain will now interrupt the quest sequence if the squad is too hungry, tired, etc. Units will not work to death while stuck in the quest chain.
  • Tile cleaning tasks, such as cutting down trees or grasses or mining, are now also trying to be chained.
  • Auto Harvest base priority increased from 2 to 5.
  • Fixed a bug when evaluating a transfer task that could cause paths in active tasks to stop, causing active tasks to be suspended indefinitely.


  • Fixed priorities for cleaning tasks not scoring correctly when compared to other tasks using non-strict skill priorities.
  • Fixed treatment priority, so that care and treatment that are not strictly prioritized are more difficult to bypass in non-emergency cases.
  • Reduced the quest chain range from 15 tiles to 7 tiles. There is no need for units to be fixated on the same task over such long distances.
  • Gong collection quest chain reduced from 20 tiles to 12 tiles.
  • Add/Auto Water and Fertilize will now also chain tasks within 7 tiles to keep tasks more consistent.

Next Top Priorities

  • Make hunters carry rabbits when they are cold [DONE Update 2]
  • Prevent personal needs from disrupting the task chain [DONE Update 2]
  • Maintaining Campfires for the Night [DONE Update 3]
  • Funeral Automation [DONE Update 4]
  • Fixed an issue that caused bed owners to steal unclaimed beds and block them [DONE Update 4]
  • The wells somehow duplicate the water jugs [DONE Update 4]
  • Upgrading the skills development system to also read skill order for decision making [DONE Update 5]
  • Any and all cases of motion freeze issue causing starvation [DONE Update 5]
  • Carrying tools home is better
  • Productivity boost for very large homesteads 40+ tribal members 100+ livestock
  • A system that makes a large number of tasks and excessive promotion less attractive to new players


                                                    Here’s How to Install the Game?

Follow All Steps Given

  1. Click on the “Download Game” button to start Installation.
  2. Download Installer (Note Down: Current Setup Supports Resumable Downloads).
  3. Open the Installer, Click Next and choose the directory where to install.
  4. Let it Download Full Version game in your specified directory and choose the location Where to install game.
  5. Open the Game and Enjoy Playing Full Version Game.


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