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China pilotless drones to be first in the world to kick Passengers flights

China pilotless drones to be first in the world to kick Passengers flights

China would be first to roll out project for pilotless drone to carry the passengers in the skies of biggest of its cities. Chinese company Ehang will start pilotless flights this year or next for passengers on its autonomous drones. The company is doing with the officials in Guangzhou to come up with maximum regular flight routes. If it all goes well, China could be the pioneer country in the world for such a project.

Chinese startup Ehang drones could soon be flying in the skies of China’s biggest cities, making the country one of the Best in the world to do such a programe.

Ehang announced that it is a pilot project with the Chinese city named Guangzhou, in which it plans to set up maximum regular flight routes for passengers to take off.China would be the first country to carry out such a portfolio where passengers are able to travel in auto flying vehicles. Other places like UAE are also looking into it, carrying out tests, but have not announced such projects that looks like this Guangzhou’s.

Ehang is not the only who is going towards  autonomous drones. Both Airbus and Boeing have also tested their own versions of this technology in past , Also a German startup Lilium is player in this game. For many of these companies, their aim is a world full of flying taxi drones that are able to provide a new era of urban transport, particularly in areas where traffic is a issue.

For a start, company will be working with the authorities to build up data centers , platform like pads. The company was hired by the Civil Aviation Administration which is first company to start a pilot program of autonomous passenger drones.

The project is also working with Chinese regulators to initiate  an updated rules and regulations to account for this new miracle, as current laws are lacking on this front. No one even know what is this all about. So earlier this 2019 we got this official approval from China Civil Aviation Administration to get this project done and working to-gather and with teamwork, China achieved another  milestone towards its journey of automation and artificial intelligence.

China pilotless drones


China pilotless drones to be first in the world to kick Passengers flights
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