Children of Morta is the perfect Nintendo Switch Lite companion

Children of Morta is the perfect Nintendo Switch Lite companion

Children of Morta review for Nintendo Switch (Image: 11 Bit Studios)

Children of Morta is the perfect Nintendo Switch Lite companion

WHILE sometimes limited in scope, on the Nintendo Switch Lite, Children of Morta feels like a perfect fit for the handheld gaming experience.

Morta’s kids are joining a growing list of indie games on the Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite which is paying attention.

It wasn’t something that was pitched before it hit the market that the notion that the Switch would become the indie console that everyone wanted to play their favorite games on.

Yet games like Morta’s Children show why people enjoy being able to collect their favorite titles and take them wherever they go.

Like the plague that takes over the world, Morta’s children have a way to draw you in, and not let you go until hours later.

This plot-based rogue-lite, released only a few months ago, tells the story of a heroic family as they protect their home and world from a rising evil.

The plot is kept simple and focuses more on the character community and its relationships than on grandiose world-building.

The Bergens Clan is a close-knit family who on your ride through the beautiful pixelated landscapes all provide something special.

Gamers who play indie titles frequently may not be as fascinated by the beautiful retro pixel art style as I was, but to me it added a lot to the whole experience.

It also gave me a reason to use the screenshot button on the Switch, which had been inactive for months.

The planet is beautiful to look at and the Evil, a darkness that devours animals and turns them into monsters, is taking over.

As the landscape changes gradually around you, the player has to lead the Bergson’s into a war which is difficult to win.

Dead Mage’s team has done a lot to make the family a central feature of the game, while also offering plenty of variation across playthrough.

Not every clan is playable, but they all contribute to the story that gradually unwinds into a tale of flawed people vs evil.

Each member has its own personality and some of them are easier to like than others. But at its heart, Morta’s Children do as much to keep the game moving and evolving as possible.

New characters are emerging, different mysteries are being solved and the player never really feels like they hit a grueling grind.

And that’d be a simple trap to fall into.

While the Bergson’s can be found inhabiting their home in the mountains, on a new mission one intrepid member will head out into the world.

The goals set before you are still easy to follow but as you move further into the various places, things start taking a dark turn.

You’ll leap into various dungeons, each loaded with monsters to temporarily kill and loot to find.

The good news is that the player will not be forced to ace each run just like many other rogue-lite games.

You’re going to pick up your family member, and then try to smash your way to a supervisor or final meeting.

And you’re definitely going to die a lot trying to pull this off, with each run offering a different experience, complete with unique power-ups.

And most of the time you’re back-having died or won your fights, you’re going to enter the Bergson home to find some sort of new dimension of story unfold.

While sometimes it is tempting to miss these things, it is a fun way to find out more about each character and their backstory.

Which weighs heavily on the narration of the voice, which can not offer much in the way of deep emotion with the pixel style.

Thankfully that’s top-notch, and it does a lot to keep you involved with what’s going on in the game.

Children of Morta Development Roadmap

Your Bergson character will lose their extra gear after the end of each run but will gain experience and currency to gradually unlock new skills and abilities.

When you go further into the game and face tougher obstacles, these become more and more important.

The gradual grind feels balanced for the most part, though there are some instances when things appear to have been ratcheted up a bit too much.

Players can also upgrade the family’s weapons, including other skill sets that unlock throughout the game.

And when you put all of this together, it makes Nintendo Switch Lite an appealing kit.

A winning formula is to visit dungeons that alter daily, loaded with loot and things that will make each playthrough feel a bit special.

While the character choice at the start feels rather restricted, you can soon start unlocking new options, with each Bergson boasting a unique style of battle.

And Morta’s children inspire you to play with each of them by making you rest those characters after they have already been used.

Children of Morta Trailer

Kids of Morta’s power-ups, abilities, and enhancements are numerous and are the secret to staving off play fatigue.

-character has a set of skills that can be upgraded via EXP, which can help you customize some of the other rewards you can find when exploring dungeons.

The numerous combinations of relics and charms found allowed some fun loops for playing while the divine graces were always good for a temporary boost.

Some power-ups will allow you to defeat a mini-boss or help a few lost travelers, while others will be obtained through sheer luck.

The layering of abilities and the countless ways you can gather them is just part of Morta’s enduring appeal and will continue to push you forward.

When playing on Nintendo Switch Lite, this helps a lot as you can pick up and play for as long as you want before turning off the console and doing business.

-dungeon takes a certain amount of time to complete and it’s easy to put your Switch to sleep and start up where you left off even if you don’t get to the end.

Morta’s kids are a really enjoyable time sink and you can enjoy it in small chunks between other tasks while playing on Switch.

When you saw someone else play Morta’s Boys, you might think that it was just a lot of bashing buttons. Yet gamers really need to stay focused to make sure they know the different dangerous enemies they face in every dungeon.

Many locations that prefer one family member over another because of an enemy form you met and fortunately, with six to choose from, you should always find the right match.

Not only do the level designs look fantastic, but when battling your way through, the way they are laid out also needs to be considered. There might not be a lot of different types of enemies but they’re sure to keep you on your toes as you encounter different waves.

Suddenly finding yourself boxed in may mean going back before being frustrated and returning to the Bergson residence.

VERDICT: Children of Morta

Morta’s kids look great and the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite feel easy to play on. Created for players who love exploring monster-filled dungeons, the complex skills and abilities system keeps you engaged and focused before you reach the final boss.

While the game most of the time avoids the feeling of a grind, there are moments when things feel a little off balance.

Notwithstanding that, the interwoven plot, combined with simple human events and feelings involving a family of different ages, offers everything you need to sink into this rogue-lite gem for many hours.

Children of Morta is the perfect Nintendo Switch Lite companion
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