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Bruce Straley returns to the industry – Neil Druckmann’s partner in The Last of Us and Uncharted 4

Bruce Straley returns to the industry - Neil Druckmann's partner in The Last of Us and Uncharted 4

Now the face of Naughty Dog is Neil Druckmann. But until the extremely ambiguous (albeit in many ways beautiful) The Last of Us Part II , Neil worked steadily as a duet with Bruce Straley – and who knows, maybe it was the presence of this person that helped Neil not make decisions that cause acute hatred of a significant percentage of fans.

Alas, after Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End , Bruce Straley decided to leave the industry – and at that time, even Bruce himself did not know whether this separation would be temporary. Nevertheless, the creative streak turned out to be stronger: together with several friends, he began to indulge in game design in his spare time, and when something worthwhile began to turn out, he realized that it was time to get together in a real indie studio and turn his achievements into real works .

Thus, Wildflower Interactive was born – a studio that will create relatively small experimental projects, and it will do this without crunch, allowing all the few members of the team to actively propose ideas and feel not like a cog in the colossus of blockbuster production, but creators whose contribution had a significant impact on the final product. He feels, in general, that the creator of the studio almost left the industry for a reason, having survived 18 years at Naughty Dog.

“Good people do good things” – this slogan seems so simple and obvious, but this is really our essence. We want to enjoy our work and value the people we work with. And let’s try to develop our industry at the same time. By starting something new, we get a chance to change the way the world works – to influence the games we make, the culture we grow, and the way we create them.

We make small, creatively charged, uniquely styled games that explore the possibilities of our form of media. And we’re building a small team of open-hearted authors who want to improve their skills and still have a good life outside of work. People who want to hone their craft, have a voice in production, feel respect for their contributions, and are part of the evolution of this amazing industry.

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