Bloomberg: GTA 6 will be released around 2025 with a colored heroine, and Rockstar employees have stopped touching each other’s balls

Bloomberg: GTA 6 will be released around 2025 with a colored heroine, and Rockstar employees have stopped touching each other's balls

The eminent newspaper confirmed the main rumors about the development of the project.

Jason Schreier of Bloomberg has put out a hefty piece on what’s going on at Rockstar Games . He did not go to the publisher himself, but spoke with numerous sources among the staff. The company is big, you can’t keep everything a secret. Or is it a controlled drain?

The latter is evidenced by the fact that Schreyer paid considerable attention to improving working conditions. Previously, Rockstar was known for crunches, homosexual scandals , female harassment, nepotism, and bro culture. Bro culture is when bosses treat their subordinates frivolously, building a hierarchy of males in the workplace.

Schreier claims that things have now changed. Salaries are equalized, crunches are forgotten, bosses do not dissolve their hands and tongues, and the HR department performs its real tasks, having ceased to intimidate victims of perverts. The most repulsed managers and directors were fired. What will all this lead to? To the slow development of GTA 6 by the hands of motivated and satisfied workers.

The development itself began in 2014 and will last at least 2 years. Initially, Rockstar planned a huge project in various locations in North and South America, but lowered their ambitions and settled on Vice City alone. The reduction in scale is compensated by well-designed interiors and plans for post-release content. And there are two heroes: a colored woman and her gentleman. The inspiration came from the stories of Bonnie and Clyde, famous bank robbers.

Schreier’s sources found something to complain about. They are worried about the huge number of approvals due to the emergence of new producers and directors. And there is little room for corporate humor: Rockstar will abandon the focus on ridiculing minorities, but there are no other topics. I don’t feel like joking about politics in the US anymore.

Also, not all employees are sure that the improvement of the company will benefit it. Yes, genital privacy, an adequate work schedule, and overtime pay are nice, but can Rockstar release a new hit?

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