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Black Desert: Update [10.08.22]

Black Desert: Update [10.08.22]

● The following improvements have been made to the Sand Castle Breaker event.
– Improved so you can interact with most of the NPCs located near Terrmian Beach.
– Changed so that NPCs (Bennes Lamut, Benns Morioh) who accept “[Event] Blue Terrmian Coins” for exchange can be easily identified by displaying their name.
– Changed so that the “Sent Vault Keeper” and “Lenan’s Vault” item sell function is not available for items in Terrmian Beach.

Auction: Thousand Year Masterpiece
– Someone left a chest for the adventurers who came to Auction: Thousand Year Masterpiece.
* The NPC Roro who promotes the Thousand Years’ Masterpiece auction will now show you the location of the chest.
* You can get the title “All is fair in vacation and war”, art and furniture “Disharmony” through the chest located behind Roro.
* You cannot reacquire a title and a piece of furniture if you have already participated in the previous event “Auction: Thousand-Year-Old Masterpiece – Find the Hidden Artwork on Terrmian Beach!”
– Changed the name of the quest [Event] Hidden Secret Chest to [Event] Papa and Otter Disharmony.

The Summer Adventure of the Ancient Black Spirit!
– Improved so you can better determine what rewards you’re trading in for Sweet and Sour Strawberry Banana Sherbet or Sweet and Spicy Starfish Sherbet, which can be obtained through Ancient Black Spirit adventures and challenges (Y).
ex) When completing the quest [Event] Papa Exchange: Sharp Black Crystal Shards, you will see a description of the items you will receive.

Papa and Otter Special Traders at Terrmian Beach!
– Moved Palio and Donsella visiting Special Trade Guild vendors near the Millennium Artifact Auction in Terrmian Beach.

– Added system alerts to display 5 minutes before Palio and Donsella arrive at Terrmian Beach.

Terrmian Night Market
– You can now store 10 special food items from the Terrmian Night Market in your family inventory.
– Your character will now display an animation when eating food in the night market.
– Changed how food cooldowns work in the Night Market as follows. Item descriptions have been changed accordingly.

– Changed basic movements of Vedio “Termian Night Market”.
– Changed Puria, Melnia and Vedio Terrmian Night Market to be slightly more aggressive in their trade offerings. They have now been moved one foot forward from their previous positions..

Sandcastle Breaker – Papus vs. Otters!
● The following changes have been made to Red Battlefield: Sand Castle Shore-Down.
– Increased the attack speed of Brave Pine Blade (RMB).
– Increased the attack area of ​​Dreamy Bubble Shaman’s base attack (LMB).
– Changed Surnames so that they are no longer displayed for characters when entering the battlefield.
– Changed so that the health bars of allies and enemies are no longer displayed on the battlefield.

● The following changes have been made to the quest “Who is the King of the (Sand) Castle?” (PvE) event.
– The following changes have been made to the 8 Scrolls of Transformation that can be used in the Sand Castle Breaker.
* The cooldown of scrolls with a 20-minute cooldown has been reduced to 1 minute.
* Added text detailing what happens to these items after the event ends.
– The following changes have been made to the 6 permanent transformation scrolls given out during the event.
* Changed scrolls from [Event] to [Crasher].
* ex) [Event] Dire Pine Blade Transformation Scroll → [Brawler] Dire Pine Blade Transformation Scroll
* Added text detailing that you cannot damage monsters while transforming with these scrolls.
* Changed item icons.

– Changed so that the looting restrictions persist even after a certain period of time has passed after defeating Papus and Otter in the Sand Castle Crusher.
– Improved the quests “[Event] [Daily] Get Rid of the Stinky Otters” and “[Event] [Daily] Give to the Chattering Papus”.
* Reduced the number of Papus/Otters to win from 50 to 10.
※ Adventurers who have not yet completed this quest but have defeated more than 10 Papus/Otters will automatically see the quest completed after maintenance on August 10th (Wednesday). Adventurers defeated by less than 10 papus/otters will be able to complete the quest by defeating only 10 papus/otters after maintenance.
* Changed the location of quest NPCs for convenience.
Use the navigation guide in the Quests window, or find them near the Sandcastle Breaker or the Lamut Gang.

Weekly Terrmian Happiness (Feat. Terrmian Special Coin)
– [Event] Sand Castle Repair I and [Event] Sand Castle Repair II can now be accepted normally.
– Improved the quest [Event] Fish on the Grill for a Campfire to cook conger eel and herring on a campfire.
– Changed so that [Event] Butterfly Fish at Sunset has a 10% chance of being caught in [Event] Purple Butterfly Fish, and vice versa in Papu and Otter fishing zones.
* The chance of getting all event fish is the same.
– Added text detailing which NPC you can buy axes from for the [Event] Campfire for tonight.

Are we catching papa or otters?
– The “Papu Courage” and “Otter’s Zeal” buffs granted by giving “Sunset Butterflyfish” to Panire and “Purple Butterflyfish” to Pucio at Terrmian Beach now have a duration increased from 3 hours to 10 hours.

Sand Castle Buster Festival! Fixes
: You can now access menus and other features from the Red Battlefield UI when entering Sand Castle Shore-Down.
– Fixed a bug that Papu and Otter Chief did not appear during the Sand Castle game.
– Fixed a bug that caused “Empress Papu” Papuroraora and “Otter General” Cryonyac to spawn in non-standard locations at the beginning of the battle between Papu and Otters.
– Fixed an issue that caused the “Navigation” feature to display unnaturally when using auto-navigation in the Terrmian region.
– Fixed an issue with silver being stored incorrectly in the inventory when selling items in the Terrmian Night Market.
* Silver stored in this vault will be moved to the Velia vault.
– Fixed an issue with NPC names displaying and disappearing for a certain period of time next to the Terrmian Thousand Years Masterpiece Auction House.
– Fixed issue with leftover plate and fork when character was eating.
– Improved the objective of the quest “[Event] Campfire Tonight”.

● The following changes have been made to Red Battlefield:
– Fixed a bug that made it impossible to enter Red Battlefield when the Hunger debuff is applied.
– Fixed a bug due to which the Red Battlefield could not be entered with an equipped Fishing Rod.


In this update, not only are we changing La Orzeca and Nouverikant’s outfits so that they can be dyed at the request of our adventurer, we’ve also added additional quests to turn your La Orzeca and Nouverikant outfits into gear boxes so you can wear them on another character. .

We look forward to seeing the different color schemes of La Orzeca and Nouverikant outfits that will be featured in the photo gallery soon.

● Changed the outfits of La Orzeca and Nuvericant, now they can be painted.
– Parts that can be dyed:

※ La Orzeca’s costume can be obtained in the following ways.

La Orzek
‘s Helmet – First you need to get Couturan’s Left Lung to start the La Orzek’s Helmet questline.
– Defeat the monsters in Thornwood Forest, Cinder Forest, or Crypt of Restful Thoughts for a chance to drop Cuturan’s Left Lung, or you can craft it by collecting 100 “Black Cuturan Leaves” that also drop from the same monster zones.

La Orzek’s Armor
– First you need to get Couturan’s Right Lung to start the La Orzek’s Armor quest chain.
– Defeat the monsters in Tunkut, Olun’s Valley or Crypt of Restful Thoughts for a chance to drop the Right Lung of Cuturan, or you can craft it by collecting 100 “Cuturan Ash Leaves” which also drop from the same monster zones.

The ash and black leaves of Couturana also have little chance of being caught in the waters of O’dyllita.

Female classes can obtain La Orzeca’s helmet and armor, more similar to the male class version, through the quest “[Daily] La Orzeca’s Orb”. (This appearance change is permanent and cannot be undone.)

※ The Nuvericant Outfit can be acquired in the following ways.


Nuvericant Helmet
– Use Manufacture (L) with PEN (V) Idle Nuvericant Helmet, Cantarnia Crystal x30 and Concentrated Nuvericant Aura x3 to create a “Sealed Nuvericant Helmet”.
* PEN (V) Helm of the Dormant Nuvericant: Bring the Split Horn of Nouver’s Bloodstorm to the Scholar in the Royal Palace of Valencia to receive the Helm of the Dormant Nuvericant. Collect “Black Bloodstorm Stones” to upgrade the Inactive Nuvericant’s Helm to PEN (V). Helmet upgrade chance is always guaranteed at 100%, only increasing the amount of Black Bloodstorm Stones needed for each upgrade level.
* Cantarnia’s Crystal: Buy from Francia, O’draxxia’s librarian.
* Concentrated Nouver’s Aura:
** Bloodstorm Black Stones: Use Heat (L) on Bloodlit Eye of the Desert x1 and Black Stone (Weapon/Armor) x100.

Nuvericant Armor
– Use Manufacture (L) with Nuvericant Dormant Armor PEN (V), Cantarnia Crystal x30 and Concentrated Nuver Aura x3 to craft Sealed Nuvericant Armor
. Armor”. Collect “Black Bloodstorm Stones” to upgrade the Sleeper Nuvericant’s Armor to PEN (V). Helmet upgrade rate is always guaranteed at 100%, only increasing the number of Black Bloodstorm Stones required for each upgrade level.
* Cantarnia
* Concentrated Nouver Aura: Use Heat (L) on Concentrated Boss Aura x1 with Hidden Nouver Aura x10.
** Bloodstorm Black Stones: Use Heat (L) on Bloodlit Eye of the Desert x1 and Black Stone (Weapon/Armor) x100.

● Two new daily quests have been added that will turn your La Orzeca outfit into an outfit box.
– [Daily] Primal Form: La Orzeca’s Helmet
* Quest NPC: O’Draxia’s Limit
* Condition: Incarnation of Greed: Completion of the Helm quest
– [Daily] Primal Form: La Orzeca’s Armor
* Quest NPC: Burt Badmountain
* Condition: Incarnation Greed: Armor Quest Completed
– These quests become available after you complete the quests “Incarnation of Greed: Helmet” and “Armor” respectively.
– Give Cantarnia Crystal x2 along with La Orzek’s Helmet or Armor to get La Orzek’s Helmet or Armor Crates respectively.
※ Cantarnia Crystals can be purchased from O’Draxia’s Librarian Francia for 500 million silver each.

● Added a daily quest to return the Nuvericant’s helmet/armor to its sealed state.
– The quest can be accepted if you have the Nuvericant helmet/armor equipped or if you have them in your pearl inventory.

To save new adventurers the inevitable inventory clutter that comes from random green tier gear looted from monsters, we initially implemented gear to drop as a box. We have now made it so that you can get the crafting materials that you can get by using heat on such equipment faster. Now, if you have any green quality equipment, you can trade it to certain blacksmiths to immediately salvage it into various crafting materials.

● Improved: You can now trade Green Grade Crates with certain Blacksmiths to obtain crafting materials from the contents of said Crates.
– Dwarven blacksmiths of the Great Crater Gavinya discovered a new method of extracting craft materials from boxes without removing their contents, and spread this knowledge among blacksmiths near and far abroad.

Monsters● The following changes have been made to the loot that can be obtained from Murrovac’s Labyrinth at the Mountain of Eternal Winter.
– Increased the drop rate of Caphras Stone when defeating Armored Murraska and Murraska by 3.3 times.
– Changed the next loot that can be obtained from Earthshaker, Leader, Furious Leader, Battleship Murraska, Egg-Egg Murraska, General
* Increased the drop rate of Celestial Essence (stun/grab/knockback/ignore knockback resistance) by about 2x.
* Increased the drop rate of Forgotten Witch’s Token by about 1.25 times.
– Increased the drop chance of Embers of Frost to 2 times when defeating “Queen” Vercedes.
– Increased the amount of junk dropped from “Leader” Armadillo Murraska, “Earthshaker” Armadillo Murraska, “Brutal Leader” Armadillo Murraska as follows:
* Before: 5-10 junk
* After: 10-20 junk
– Increased the amount of junk loot dropped from “General” Murrasto and “Queen’s Wing” Murrasto as follows:
* Before: 10-20 junk
* After: 20-40 junk
– Changed seller price to “

* After: 11,980 Silver

Quests and Lore
● Added new guild combat missions.
– Since the corruption of Hadum is rampant in the territories of Serendia and Calpheon, people began to call on guilds to help in the following missions.

Pearl Shop
● New outfits: Mr. [Musa] Golden Scale Dragoon



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  3. Open the Installer, Click Next and choose the directory where to install.
  4. Let it Download Full Version game in your specified directory and choose the location Where to install game.
  5. Open the Game and Enjoy Playing Full Version Game.


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