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Black Desert: Update [07.09.22]

Black Desert: Update [07.09.22]

● The Traveler’s Horse has the following skills:
– Initial Acceleration, Sprint, Drift, Instant Acceleration (100% Skill Leveling)
● Only one Traveler’s Horse can be borrowed and no additional horses can be borrowed while another horse is bred.
● Please note that the traveler’s horse will return to the nearest stable 5 minutes after being hurried.
● The traveler’s horse cannot be equipped with horse equipment, but can run without a saddle.
● The Traveler’s Horse cannot use stable recovery / remote collection / horse market / imperial delivery / sale functions (but you can check the mount information window).
● Traveler’s Horse will return to the stable if you click Disable, Select Character, or Change Character.

Class changes

● Prime: Shadow Burst
– Multi-target damage penalties now only apply in PvP.
– Improved combo with shadow clone.

Kunai Strike – Fatal Blow damage will now apply to skill damage, as well as the following:
* Fatal Blow Attack Damage and Fatal Blow Critical Hit Rate
Max Fatal Blow Targets
Skill Add-ons)
– Improved to combine more smoothly with other skills.

● Prime: Binding
– Changed the movement of the skill, and the following:
* Unified the attack area of ​​the skill to the widest area.
* Changed so that the range at which skill attacks are applied has been narrowed so that all attacks are applied faster.
– Improved, you can now press SHIFT + C in idle mode to activate the skill.
– Improved combo with Shadow Explosion and Shadow Clone.
– Improved to make combos smoother after Prime: Ankle Cleave, Prime: Fox Claw, Prime: Shadow Explosion, or Prime: Shadow Clone.

● Prime: Shadow Brand
– Added the Assassin’s Mark effect to the following skills:
* Prime: Fox Claw (I to III)
* Prime: Shackles

● Prime: Dragon’s Fury
– The skill description has been corrected.

● Prime: Dragonborn Constitution and Infinite Vengeance – Corrected skill descriptions.

● Storm Maul
– Attack 1 has been improved, now combines with Doombringer more smoothly.
– Improved attack 1, now combo with Pierce
– Added: “Restores 40 WP on hit.

● Hexeblood: Sundering Roar
– Improved to allow the character to attack in the direction the camera is facing when combined with another skill.

● Legacy
– skill attack slightly increased. Speed
​​- Improved so Legacy activates faster when using the following skills:
* Flow: Cloud’s Strife, Flow: Extinction, Savage Decree (Dragonblood) attack 2, Flow: Obliterate

● Dragonblood: Crackling Flame
– Persistence on hit changed to Knockdown on hit.

● Flow: Dragon Flight
– Changed stamina cost from 250 to 100 and 150 stamina consumption (up to 450) when continuing the skill.
* With these changes, stamina will cost the same as before to travel the maximum distance with a skill, but will cost less stamina if you stop before you reach the maximum distance.

● Dragonblood: Tip of the Scale
– Slightly increased the attack area of ​​the second attack.

● Dragonblood: Storm Piercer
– Slightly increased the attack area of ​​attacks 1 and 3.

● Flow: Obliterate
– Improved to now blend more smoothly with Doombringer.

● Hexeblood: Tip of the Scale
– Changed Attack 3 to activate faster when the skill continues.

● Hexeblood: Tectonic Slam
– Fixed an issue that caused the skill to activate when fusing with Doombringer during the main version of the skill in Hexeblood.

● Dragonblood: Savage Decree
– Your character will now perform combos in the same direction as the camera.

● Improved the movements of the following skills to activate more smoothly:
– Dragon Blood: Evil Soul
– Dragon Blood: Tectonic
Strike – Dragon Blood: Crackling Flame
– Dragon Blood: Scale Pinnacle
– Dragon Blood: Stormpiercer

● Legacy: Fixed an issue that caused the skill to not activate after switching to Trion.

● The following improvements have been made to Arena of Solare.
– Fixed an issue that caused your character to fall through certain structures in the Zola Ruins.
– Fixed a bug that caused the player’s hit to not register in certain terrain of the Jade Star Forest.
– Slightly moved the starting position of the Black Sun team to the center of the hill in the Jade Star Forest battlefield.
– Changed so your party will not be disbanded even after exiting a match in practice mode.
– Fixed an issue that only showed the last three matches in the Arena of Solare ranking window.

● The following events have been extended until September 21, 2022 (Wednesday):
– It’s time to push the recruitment limit +230 – Defeat
Aberrant Dark Rifts – Patrigio
Night Market Crazy Item ● The following items have been added to the list of items that can be automatically used with Continuous Care Shining fairy. interface


● Improved buffs that took 2 or more icons to only take 1.
– Added new buff icons and tooltip descriptions.

– Improved the description of the buff and changed the buff icon obtained from the Book of Combat/Book of Life to an item icon.

● Improved Auto Navigate (T) UI to show a button that can be pressed to toggle auto sprint.
– You can press this button to enable or disable the automatic use of Sprint when using automatic navigation.
– When using Sprint automatically while autonavigating, the following UI is displayed:

Pearl Shop● New outfits: [Archer] Nightguard



                                                    Here’s How to Install the Game?

Follow All Steps Given

  1. Click on the “Download Game” button to start Installation.
  2. Download Installer (Note Down: Current Setup Supports Resumable Downloads).
  3. Open the Installer, Click Next and choose the directory where to install.
  4. Let it Download Full Version game in your specified directory and choose the location Where to install game.
  5. Open the Game and Enjoy Playing Full Version Game.



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