Best Tips For Doom: Eternal To Play

Best Tips For Doom: Eternal To Play

Best Tips For Doom: Eternal To Play

Doom: Everlasting on paper, is a simple game. Wear broad arms. Destroy every single demon. Rock it out like tomorrow is not here. But the hilariously metal first-person shooter I d Game–which came out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC last week–is more than meets the eye. You can transform Doomguy into Doomgod by making the most of the numerous and complex systems in the game. Hell’s inhabitants would wish they took a note of Humanity 2020 and sat at home in the pit.

Difficulty settings are (mostly) adjustable.

There are four difficulty levels on Doom: Eternal. Between the simplest to the worst, here’s what the game calls them: I’m Too Young To Die, Hurt Me Most, Ultra-Violence and Nightmare. At any stage while you are playing you can move between these.

There is an even tougher one outside those normal settings: Ultra-Nightmare. You can not toggle this mid-game environment. Enemies are as tough in this mode as they are on Nightmare, but if you die that’s it. Play up.

It doesn’t matter what you pick for your first weapon mod.

You’ll come across your first upgrade to weapon mod a few minutes into the game. You can choose between Sticky Bombs (which turn the ammunition into halo-like plasma grenades) or Full Auto (exactly what it sounds like) at that point, as you only have the shotgun. These are excellent improvements but you don’t need to be agonizing over the decision. In Doom: Everlasting, at rapid speed, arms mods turn up. If you try one and are not satisfied with it, it won’t be long before the other can be released.

It does matter what weapon mods you level up.

Each weapon mod is upgraded to two thirds. The first tier makes each mod a little more powerful-say, the Sticky Bombs ‘ explosion size or improving your movement speed when using Full Auto. In the first rank, you unlock skills with weapons points that you get by doing what Doomguy does best (returning the demons from whence they came).

The second tier is an augmentation that changes guns, which is a level-up, for example, that might convert an assault rifle into a rapid-fire rocket launcher. This second tier needs no points on the weapon. Instead you must complete something called a “mastery test” to win the upgrade.

These tasks usually include the mowing down of demons in very specific mod-related ways. You can need to kill 25 Cacodemon with the Arbalest ballista, or take out five enemies in one go with the Turret chaingun (ten times over). The sooner you open up a specific mastery test, the sooner you can use the final benefit of the mod. You’re kneecapping yourself by pouring weapons points into two separate mods of the same weapon.

Bonus tip: When you are able to find a Mastery Token, you can skip every mastery task as long as you have purchased the upgrade package beforehand.

Level up these weapon mods.

This is, of course, a matter of play style and view, but the following weapon mods seem to have more strong final thirds. Pour the points of your weapons into them first.

Shotgun: Sticky Bombs. The Sticky Bombs are not just a blast (sincerest apologies for the pun). It’s that the other mod of the shotgun, Full Auto, is burning too quickly through ammunition to be effective in the early game, until you have improved ammunition capability.

Heavy Cannon: Micro Missiles. The Micro Missiles mod isn’t so great at first, but completing the mastery turns it into one of the best weapons in the game: a rapid-fire rocket launcher that doesn’t overheat. Get this mod early so you can unlock the mastery as soon as possible.

Plasma Rifle: Heat Blast. Mods for the plasma rifle aren’t as game-changing as some of the other weapon mods, so you can’t really go wrong here. In my experience, Heat Blast is the marginally better option. Completing the mastery challenge unlocks an ability that can supercharge the plasma rifle’s standard ammo, making it a far more deadly weapon.

Rocket Launcher: Remote Detonate. In an early level, I fired off a rocket that, defying every known law of the universe, went directly between a demon’s legs. The chances of that happening are slim; we’re talking mere pixels of distance. Yes, the standard rocket launcher is a fickle beast. But, with Remote Detonation, you have more control. That way, if you shoot a missile and it goes between a demon’s legs, you can just pull the trigger and detonate it, hopefully dealing some serious splash damage.

Super Shotgun: Just upgrade the thing ASAP. “Improvements” is the only mod for the Super Shotgun, and you should pour weapon points into it as soon as you get them. The mastery tier sets the Meat Hook – Doomguy’s unnecessarily metal name for a grappling hook – on fire. Not only does this deal bonus damage to any demon you hit, it’ll also score you extra armour drops. Since unlocking the flaming hook requires a whopping 50 kills, this is a good nominee for a Mastery Token.

Ballista: Destroyer Blade. Come on. The name alone should convince you to get this one.

Chaingun: Mobile Turret. Before unlocking each mod, you can see a small video showcasing what, exactly, it does. The video preview for the Mobile Turret makes it look like you’re required to post up in one spot – highly antithetical to Doom’s core concept of “move extremely fast at all times.” If the clip gives you pause, don’t worry. Like the mod’s name implies, you can still move just fine.

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