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Batman: Gotham Knights Coming – Gilded City – Gotham Knights Prequel Comic

Batman: Gotham Knights Coming - Gilded City - Gotham Knights Prequel Comic

October 25 Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment will release Gotham Knights , a game from WB Games Montreal that looks and plays like a new installment in the Arkham series, but for some reason takes place in a separate canon from it.

But whether the decision to separate the Gotham Knights canon from the popular series is delusional or not, it has opened up space for the authors to do such a potentially interesting thing as prequel comics. You have to tell us what happened to Batman in the local setting, since the version from Batman: Arkham Knight didn’t work out for some reason? So welcome: Batman: Gotham Knights – Gilded City !

Divided into six issues, Batman: Gotham Knights – Gilded City will not only tell about the events taking place immediately before the game, but will also rush far into the past – into the 19th century – to tell the story of one of the first local masked avengers – the Fugitive (and, presumably, , his clashes with the Court of Owls of those times – there must be some connection between the storylines).

It is also worth noting that in each of the issues of the comic there will be a code for the jump of some nice, but not too important in-game item – the first issue will give customers access to an alternative skin for the batcycle, issues 2-5 will contain exclusive weapons (as a result get one for each Bat-heir), the sixth issue will give access to new color schemes of the heroes, and all six together – a set of alternative versions of the outfits of the four.

There is, however, one caveat: the first issue will be released simultaneously with the game, so by the time the prequel story finally ends, all interested gamers will almost certainly have time to beat Gotham Knights and move on to something new.

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