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Batgirl’s Cancellation Didn’t Affect Black Canary

Batgirl's Cancellation Didn't Affect Black Canary

The Birds of Prey team has secured itself

Warner Bros. Discovery has recently started making some pretty sensational decisions. While the fate of HBO Max was even being discussed, the shelving of the Batgirl movie was suddenly put on the back burner. In fact, the Batgirl decision was of great importance not only as a movie, but also for the company’s perspective on DC movies in general. Deciding to continue on the subject of another controversial movie, The Flash , the studio is considering a similar attitude for Black Canary , at least for now .

  • Warner Brothers Won’t Release Batgirl Movie

Jurnee Smollett-Bell , who played the character of Dinah Lance on the big screen for the first time in the movie Birds of Prey , which was released in 2020, will meet her fans with the same character in the upcoming Black Canary movie. The fact that Black Canary’s fortune was not black made the Birds of Prey team very happy. Because the other characters in the movie are waiting for their turn to take part in the DCEU in the future.

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There is no official date yet for Black Canary, written by Misha Green , whom we expect to make the Tomb Raider movie . There is not even a clear decision about the way the film will be released. DC could shrink the movie a little bit more and serve it for HBO Max. Another theory on the agenda is to turn Black Canary away from the movie and into a television series. Let’s see, what other heroes will shake the seat of this new and stunning era of Warner Brothers? 

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