Bangladesh police cover underground PUBG tournament

Bangladesh police cover underground PUBG tournament

The game is banned in the country, so all participants will be arrested.

Southeast Asian authorities are actively fighting against mobile gaming. India banned PUBG and sent the police to catch schoolchildren on the x street, in Bangladesh PUBG Mobile and Free Fire were banned.

The dissatisfaction of the authorities did not stop the gaming enthusiasts: they organized an illegal PUBG Mobile LAN tournament in the city of Chuadanga. Among the fans there were police officers who managed to tie up more than 100 participants. All adults face arrest for up to 2 days, the organizers are waiting for more serious measures.

How to collect 100 people for a secret competition? Run ads on social networks, invite participants, organize coverage. It is amazing that the police found time to attend a banned event in the country.

By the way, the police successfully seized all the equipment from the offenders and is in no hurry to return it.


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