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Apple Watch Saved Lives Once Again!

Apple Watch Saved Lives Once Again!

For years, we have always heard and seen the news that Apple Watch , one of the wearable technologies of Apple, one of the software and technology giants based in the United States, saves people’s lives. A new one has been added to this news today.

A woman living in the state of Maine in the New England region of the USA came back from a major illness thanks to her Apple Watch. At the end of May, 67-year-old Kim Durkee began receiving numerous notifications from her Apple Watch that her heart was in atrial fibrillation .

After downloading and examining the results of the first two nights in this situation, he realized that the numbers he saw in the reports of the third night were “high for normal conditions”.

Ms. Durkee doesn’t believe the reports she’s getting and told broadcast group WBZ-TV, “You know, my gut feeling is, go to the ER now, throw the watch away if they say it’s nothing to worry about . “

The doctors confirmed that he was indeed sick and at the very beginning of the disease!

Referring to a specialist, Durkee received confirmation from doctors that he had an irregular heartbeat and learned that it was a myxoma . Myxoma, which is a rare and fast-growing type of tumor, can restrict blood flow to the heart, causing a person to have a stroke.

When doctors briefly asked Ms. Durkee how she knew she had A-fib, she replied, “because my watch told me.”

Durkee has survived a rare and fast-growing myxoma tumor!

On June 27, Ms. Durkee lay on the operating table at Massachusetts General Hospital and managed to recover from a four-centimeter tumor after five hours of open-heart surgery. After 11 days in the hospital, she returned home to recover.

“I consider myself very lucky to be here and talk to you,” said Kim Durkee, who had the surgery .

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