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Apple is set to come back with Touch ID under the screen on iPhones by 2021

Apple is set to come back with Touch ID under the screen on iPhones by 2021

All the smartphones around the globe are launching with a built-in fingerprint scanner but Apple is not anticipated to do the same. As we know that Apple has detached the physical fingerprint scanner from their iPhones a few years back due to some reasons. This detachment left the consumers with only Face ID technology on the iPhones since iPhone X. Although Face ID is a competitive technology, but to be the market leader, there needs to be a substitute to the Face ID as well.

Now, we are getting information that Apple might come back with the Touch ID technology in the market on their iPhones. According to reports, the finger print scanner, this time will be implanted under the screen. At the present time, two types of fingerprint scanners are used under the display. These scanners are named as the ultrasonic sensors and the optical sensors .According to a famous Apple analyst Ming Chi-Kuo , Apple is going to implant ultrasonic fingerprint sensory devices under the display this time.

Ming Chi-Kou also explained the reason of why Apple not being able to use the under-display fingerprints sensors at the current moment. According to him, the present version of under-display Touch ID lacked in some functions. The smaller size of sensor and higher power utilization created problems. However, he stated that Apple will introduce the Touch ID under-display function once again by 2021. Apple is expected to introduce the ultrasonic sensors because they offer larger area to the user to place finger for scanning.

According to Apple experts, the trade tax which has been enforced by the US government for trading in iPhones and other merchandises from China will be captivated by Apple. As a result, there will be no significant escalation in prices on Apple products which was expected by general users. It is likely to happen that Apple will move manufacturing of iPhones out of China by the end of next year.

Apple is set to come back with Touch ID under the screen on iPhones by 2021
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