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Anti-cheat update destroyed VRChat

Anti-cheat update destroyed VRChat

But the developers intended it that way – they are too lazy to work with the game.

Recently, the developers of VRChat quietly pushed out an update with Easy Anti-Cheat. Anti-cheat for chatting with catgirls? The developers justified the decision by the fact that they need tools to block various malicious modifications. With them, hooligans crashed servers, stole personal data, broke PCs.

Now Easy Anti-Cheat blocks any modified game clients. If the player is using mods, they will not be able to access VRChat. If you turn them on during the game, the anti-cheat will throw it away and close the application.

The players reacted painfully. Without modifications, VRChat loses the lion’s share of beauty and optimization. Moreover, in practice, Easy Anti-Cheat does not prevent attackers from crashing servers or stealing information about users.

Why did the developers do this? They answered directly – they were tired of receiving error reports related to the incorrect operation of popular modifications. Players appreciated the honesty, so they brought down the VRChat rating on Steam and raided social networks.

Among other things, VRChat no longer supports AMD FSR, Nvidia VRWorks SLI and running through Proton.


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