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Another Fun Promotional Video Came From Saints Row

Another Fun Promotional Video Came From Saints Row

Let’s see if it will be fun

Saints Row’s debut is less than 2 weeks away. Of course, we look forward to seeing the absurd, funny and entertaining side of the series that we’re used to, will it show itself once again. As the release date approaches, Deep Silver also came up with a new gameplay video:

The promotional video promises a colorful gameplay full of absurdities. We take a look at what kind of surprises Santo Ileso, the fictional South American city, is preparing for us, with a 6-minute accelerated tour. Both the vehicles and the music give off a South American atmosphere. In the city where crime is rampant, we will take our place in this mess with our young and crazy team. In the trailer, our team members also show themselves in a small way. And of course, we see interesting weapons, the must-haves of Saints Row.

Saints Row will meet with game lovers on August 23. Will it be as fun as we see in the promotions, we will get our answer together after 2 weeks.

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