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Announcement of the psychological horror Slay the Princess asks you to kill the princess

Citizens of feminism and other fighters for equal rights in the gaming industry, rejoice! Your tearful pleas have been heard. That blissful hour has come when princesses are no longer the object of salvation for mustachioed plumbers. Now our main goal is to kill the princess… At least, the developers from the Black Tabby Games studio will encourage the players to do this unusual business – for this they even announced the psychological horror Slay the Princess .

The protagonist finds himself on a forest path – the path along it ends in a mysterious hut. And in the basement of this hut, universal evil lurked, but not the Book of the Dead, but the chained princess. The hero must kill her to prevent the end of the world. At least that’s what the narrator says. Of course, the poor girl is not happy with this situation and will resist with all her might. And no matter how many times she has to kill the main character to survive. But these are not time loops. Maybe. And the princess is not the personification of cosmic horror, she is just a person who can – and should! – kill. If you’re lucky. Whether you are lucky or not depends on the player – it is his decisions that determine the course of events in this branching narrative.

How much the stated promises will correspond to reality, the players will find out next year – the authors plan to release Slay the Princess in 2023. Of the platforms, only PC has been confirmed so far, the game has already acquired a page on Steam , where it can be added to the wish list.

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