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Announcement has arrived for Project L! The Game Will Be Free

Announcement has arrived for Project L! The Game Will Be Free

Riot Games , the team behind the League of Legends game , started working on a new game about 3 years ago. New information has also been given for the Project L game , which is also about the LOL universe, but this time with a different type .

Although it is a melee game, the new explanations for the production, which will take place in the LOL universe, also presented a good news that we expected.

Project L Will Be A Free-to-Play Game

In the final statement for the game, it was confirmed that the production will be offered free-to-play . We were already waiting for this news, but we have received the official approval.

Another information given for the melee game, in which LOL heroes will also take the leading role, is the new hero that will take place in the game.

The new hero that will take part in the still unfinished game will be Illaoi , whom we know closely .

It is certain that the hero, whose features we expect to be transferred to the game exactly, will make the game more colorful.

We still do not know when we will see the release date for Project L, which will appear on the stage as a 2D melee game .

We are also eagerly awaiting the release date announcement for the game that the team of Radiant Entertainment , which was recently acquired by Riot Games , continues to develop.

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