An underwater bird attacks in the trailer for the indie action game Glaciered

An underwater bird attacks in the trailer for the indie action game Glaciered

Did you miss the unusual vision of the future? Do you want to know what will happen to the planet and its inhabitants in millions of years? Does unusual underwater flora and fauna beckon you so much that at night you curse the slowness of James Cameron? If at least two of the three answers are “Yes”, then there is good news for you – the announcement of the indie action game Glaciered . The studio Snowblind, created by a single person, artist Kei Shibuya, is responsible for the development of this.

Glaciered is set in the distant future, 65 million years later. Eternal winter covered the surface of the planet with a giant ice crust. But persistent life continues to boil under this layer of ice. Aquatic plants continue to grow, colorful bioluminescent fish swim here and there. But you will not have to play for some marine predator a la Maneater – the main character will be a representative of the Tuai species.

Tuai evolved from birds, thus being true descendants of dinosaurs. Years of evolution have honed not only a unique metabolism, but also intelligence. Using mental superiority, the protagonist will have to engage in dynamic battles with local aggressive living creatures for the right to be proudly called the “crown of nature.” The author promises to embody various abilities and passive skills that can be combined for a comfortable play style. He also threatens to show the unique ecosystems scattered across the planet, even if under the ice.

Unfortunately, Glaciered cannot yet boast of a release date – I would like to hope that we won’t have to wait 65 million years. Of the platforms so far, only PC has been announced.


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